Free Webinar Wednesday January 14th:
– QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud

quickbooks online compared to quickbooks desktop

Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as he deep dives into QBD and QBO giving the pros and cons of both, and the radical nature of cloud-hosting QBD. This session will be followed by Q and A of QBD in the Cloud.


Intuit is really pushing its QuickBooks Online these days, but it isn’t a product that most financial pros are confident with.   

For many if not most QuickBooks professionals, using QuickBooks Desktop (for Windows, Mac is another story) for years, this is where our comfort zone is.  Intuit keeps attempting to push us out of that comfort zone.

They ARE Different!


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Cloud Accounting Technology Advantages
New Infographic: The Evolution of Accounting

Modern cloud accounting technology is evolving quickly
Modern accounting is evolving quickly, directly correlated to the
increased demands that accounting firms are now responding to …

cloud accounting technology is evolving infographic

Click for infographic

Today, practice clients not only desire more and better but they are also open to trying new modalities of working – using Skype, virtual CFOs, daily reports and rolling forecasts, for instance. Concurrently, accounting firm costs are rising and often partner profits are down. For these reasons, firms that depend on compliance work and paying significantly for desktop software are particularly succumbing to competition from more agile competitors.

See also: Cloud Accounting or Traditional Accounting?

Cloud Accounting Technology Factors

The biggest factors contributing to the rapid increase in cloud accounting technology include the possibility to cut practice overheads like travel and data input costs, as well as improved service and increased client satisfaction.

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Listen to Sleeter on Cloud Talk Radio:
… In the Cloud “Agility Trumps Ability”

cloud talk radio

Guest host and accounting technology uber-guru Doug Sleeter talks with about the importance of agility over ability for SMBs

CloudTalk Radio lrgBIn a recent segment on Cloud Talk Radio, hosts Keith Eneix and Robert Chandler discuss how Agility Trumps Ability when growing your business with guest Doug Sleeter of The Sleeter Group, a company that helps accountants and small businesses work together to increase efficiency and profit.

Listen at left as Doug Sleeter explains in the interview that by accountants and small business owners having the most efficient and up-to-date accounting tools they are able to grow their business more effectively.

Sleeter shared with Cloud Talk Radio that he was inspired to start The Sleeter Group out of a passion for small business. With a background in accounting and seeing the growth in accounting software he knew he wanted to work with small businesses to increase access to that tech.

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White Paper: Digital Tax Practice Cloud Hosting
– A Paperless Environment, the Flexibility of Paper

digital tax practice basics to advanced for serious digital tax practitioners

                                                  - Image credit: Fast Company Digital Tax Prep Tools

A Key Component of the Digital Tax Practice is OCR

Tax preparation has come a long way since the days of service bureaus, couriers and paper forms. Personal computer-based tax software allowed tax returns to be prepared entirely in-house. Now, some tax document automation solutions are allowing firms to embrace a completely digital tax practice. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), source documents like W-2s, K1s and brokerage statements can be scanned and automatically bookmarked and organized. Then, the relevant tax data from those source documents can be exported to tax software.

digital tax practice sureprep white paperIf your goal is increased efficiency, the time you save with a Digital Tax Practice by not having to organize your files and key punch data into tax software is important, very important, but it isn’t the most important component of a truly automated digital tax practice. To understand the most important component, think about how and when a 1040 tax return flows through your office.

File Types and Workflow in a Digital Tax Practice

With most tax document automation solutions the process works like this: You scan the paper documents that were provided by your client then you run the scanned documents through OCR.

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Free Webinar Thurs Sept 11th:
Requests for Sage Cloud Hosting Surge, Learn Why!

Sage Cloud Hosting grows at Cloud9“With the recent surge of practice managers and business owners selecting Sage cloud hosting of Sage 50 Accounting, and other Sage applications, as their financial accounting software of choice, Cloud9 Real Time plans on enabling more cloud computing options, including more application add-ons and additional OS options for Cloud9 clients to select from.”  – Robert J. Chandler CEO

Graph showing surge in Sage Cloud Hosting requestsFree Webinar Thurs Sept 11, 11AM-12PM PDT
Join Cloud9 as we deep dive into Sage hosting solutions. Lean how to save money while increasing productivity. We host every version of Sage software.presently supported.

The Future is Sage Cloud hosting

At Cloud9 Real Time, we are always assessing data and trending popularities of software applications that business owners and managers are asking to have hosted on their private virtual servers. This allows Cloud9 to remain current and informed as to what clients are seeking from their Cloud9 services plan. Sage cloud hosting is a case in point. 

 Free Webinar Thurs Sept 11, 11AM-12PM PDT

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New Report from Deloitte –
– The Cloud-Based Accounting Revolution

cloud-based accounting revolution report from deloitte
The coming year will be a defining time for businesses adopting digital technology

– SMBs, failing to leap, risk missing out on the cloud-based accounting revolution

In a recent report from Deloitte, Harnessing The ‘Bang’, Stories From The Digital Frontline, Deloitte updated its assessment of the effect of digital disruption, underscoring that the speed of change is accelerating and impacting businesses big and small across Australia and the world.

cloud-based accounting revolution report download here

Click for report

The next twelve months will be a turning point for SMBs; whether they embrace the digital disruption or not. Current research on cloud computing highlighted that nearly 70 per cent of businesses are still not utilizing cloud technology in a fundamental manner.

Thus two thirds of business owners are failing to capitalize on a key fundamental strategy of competitive advantage: cloud-based accounting.

This hesitancy among SMB owners and managers may be attributed to the fact that many are simply not cognizant of how far such technologies have advanced during the past 48 months and thereby unmindful of the positive influence cloud technologies can have on their business.

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Cloud Accounting & Practice Marketing Visionaries
To Present Compelling Keynotes At Cloud Summit 14

cloud accounting event in san diego…… Speakers …. Sponsors …. Special Events …. Hotel …. Register

Conference to explore current & future
technology + new marketing strategies

San Diego, CA  April 25, 2014 – The co-sponsors of Cloud Summit 2014 –Cloud9 Real Time, BMRG LLC  and CloudSway – have announced their selection of keynote speakers for this fall’s 3-day exploration of implementing and marketing cloud accounting.

“Today’s accounting professionals and small businesses need help making the transition to cloud accounting,” said Robert J. Chandler President at Cloud9 Real Time. “Our keynote speakers — leading voices in today’s technology and tomorrow’s vision – will provide the insight, tools and marketing expertise that are needed to advance to this critical next step.”

Five of the industry’s most prominent cloud accounting and marketing experts will address attendees in keynote speeches September 17-19, 2014, in San Diego:

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Cloud Accounting or Traditional Accounting
– Why Cloud is Better for Small Businesses

Cloud Accounting or Traditional AccountingRegardless of what type of business you run or the size of it, accounting and paper work are essential components. Over the years accounting software has advanced even further, and now business owners are faced with oodles of options to meet the individual needs of their own profession.

Cloud Summit 2014 Cloud computing conferenceTracking expenses, invoicing applications, bookkeeping and accounting is tedious – no matter how good you are at the math and organizational side of things. But, if you don’t stay on top of it or make it a priority, it doesn’t take long before your business becomes a hectic mess or worse – and funds are lost or unaccounted for.

See also: Infographic: Cloud Accounting Software
– Why You Should Move Accounting to Cloud in 2014

With the emergence of cloud accounting solutions creating huge media fanfare in the last 3 years, traditional accounting software has been forced to improve their programs and fight for its place in the business world. Despite cloud accounting’s success though, business owners are still juggling with the concept of which software is right for their business. We delve into the two and uncover why cloud accounting software is the hottest thing for business owners right now, and why it’s the best solution for you.

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Better iPad Cloud Computing with ‘C9 Mobile!’

cloud9 ipad cloud computing app download at app storeiPad Cloud Computing Just Got Better!

Cloud9 Real Time has announced the release of C9 Mobile, its new mobile app download via iTunes that delivers true iPad Cloud Computing by giving users access to all of their desktop software applications via iPad or iPad Mini. 

…… See also – iPad Your Practice for Productivity!

QuickBooks desktop using iPad cloud computing from Cloud9

C9 Mobile enables the Cloud9 platform for iPad users to easily access their hosted applications, connect with tech support, submit tickets, add users, etc.

Cloud9 Mobile App = iPad Cloud Computing

iPad Cloud Computing just got better with the release of C9 Mobile!

C9 Mobile debuted at the Sleeter Solutions 13 Conference in Las Vegas earlier this week. C9 Mobile provides iPad and iPad Mini users with access to the full desktop version of their applications while on the go.  With over 500 applications hosted and/or integrated the combinations are endless for users. iPad Cloud Computing has arrived!

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Cloud Accounting: Pros w/ Few Cons

CPA Practice Advisor Cloud Accounting Hosting AwardMany small company owners & managers know the benefits of maintaining the business books; they also know just how time intensive it can be!

Proper bookkeeping is solely for the benefit of operating a company; it is a must for business owners to keep up to date with their P&L and revenue targets.*

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting & More!From CPA Practice Advisor -

Get the White Paper – A Specialized Cloud for Accountants

Presently there are MANY accounting software packages available off the shelf, with some being industry standards, and some being more niche specialized.  Amidst the decision-matrix there is a growing move towards selecting cloud-based accounting and virtual server software hosting, which functions and is accessed via the web. This basically means that the bookkeeping and accounting processes happen online, rather than localized to an individual PC.

Cloud Accounting Concerns

One essential concern company owners have with cloud accounting is data security. This in itself should not be an overriding concern; cloud access is only granted by permission from authorized account holders. The best cloud hosting companies invest significant capital in security and backup.  Essentially, data may actually be safer than if it was stored locally. For example, data could be lost through theft of hardware or failure when stored on an office computer or server. Such risk is minimised when data is stored in the cloud and protected by high levels of security and backup procedure.

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Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Online

9 Distinct Benefits of Quickbooks Hosting vs Quickbooks Online

learn the benefits of quickbooks hosting Cloud

1. Access to many important QuickBooks Features

Benefits often not available with QuickBooks Online Include tracking inventory, generating purchase orders, assigning multiple price levels to items, and enhanced online bill pay functionality.

See also – Good QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Online

2. Save time and money through a more efficient system

Depending upon such issues as the number of businesses owned versus the QBOL selected, the costs of Cloud9 Real Time Hosting are less. 

quickbooks online vs quickbooks cloud hosting3. Superior Functionality

Cloud9 Real Time hosting functions as if it is running on your desktop computer or laptop; the layout and user interface are the same as your desktop QuickBooks version. QBOL, conversely, has the functionality of a website mechanism.

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Managing AP & AR with Cloud Computing and Quickbooks Cloud Hosting is a Cash Flow Command and Control System that manages accounts payable and receivable for businesses of all sizes.

Offering online bill pay, custom invoicing services and collections, unlimited document storage, collaboration tools, and mobile access,’s services easily syncs to users’ accounting software, QuickBooks hosting clouds and online bank accounts to better control company financials.

See also – White Paper: Next Generation AP & AR Move to Cloud syncs with Cloud hosted appsA big hit at this year’s CloudSummit 2012, guards against errors and employs enterprise-class fraud protections that current desktop methods cannot match. More than 100,000 users are now paying millions of bills worth billions of dollars using

Small-business accounting software has greatly matured, but gaps in SMB business procedures still remain. successfully addresses one of those gaps by expanding on the accounts payable functions of your accounting application. can serve as a standalone application or as an integrated add-on to QuickBooks.

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CPAs Vote Cloud9 an ASP Hosting Favorite for a Second Year

2013 Readers Choice Award Cloud Accounting Hosting

Cloud9 Real Time is recognized by the annual Reader’s Choice Awards, AGAIN!

Cloud9 Real Time has been honored with a 2013 Reader’s Choice by CPA Practice Advisor readers, for favorite accounting ASP/Hosted Solution Provider. This is the second year in a row that Cloud9 has been recognized for its outstanding service, value and user experience out of dozens of ASPs and cloud solutions providers.

See also: Cloud9 #1 Cloud Provider in 2012 CPA poll

CPA Practice Advisor Cloud Accounting Hosting AwardASP (Application Service Providers) are an increasingly popular solution for accounting firms and small to medium sized businesses that need anytime, anywhere access to their applications and data. Users can login from any PC with internet connection anywhere in the world at anytime.

“Moving to the Cloud also saves businesses money by reducing the cost of IT labor hours, investment in hardware infrastructure as well as software licensing, backups and maintenance,” notes Robert J. Chandler, Cloud9’s president.

“We have been very fortunate to have many accolades for our technology in the past year but the Reader’s Choice award is especially gratifying as it shows that our users’ experience is a great one, without which we would not have the great successes that we are having.”

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White Paper: Firms Harnessing the Power of Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting White Paper

Newly published cloud accounting white paper …

… from the AICPA and derived from recent research conducted by Silicon Valley tech consultant, author and managing director of consulting firm TCG Advisors, Geoffrey Moore, describes the impact that cloud accounting is having on client accounting services for companies of all sizes.*

*Sources: SourceMedia and BusinessWire

See also: Cloud9 Named #1 Cloud Provider by 5000 CPAs poll

Geoffrey Moore Accounting White Paper

Dr. Geoffrey Moore

Moore interviewed dozens of accounting leaders and technologists and discovered that work involving client accounting outsource – has rapidly become a cloud-accelerated field of growth for accounting firms. His findings are assembled into a new AICPA research report, titled Accounting Services: Harness the Power of the Cloud.”

Moore lays out three mega-shifts that are fueling innovation in the CPA and financial professions: transitioning from paper to digital, Internet-based solutions; practices moving from a physical to a more virtual presence; and from being a “generalist” practice to specialization in particular industry niches.

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Webinar: How the Cloud can change YOUR practice

free application hosting and office cloud computing webinars

Cloud computing is creating new openings for accounting practices and other professional practice firms

Register for WebinarWed 12-12-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

You can perform billable work quicker and with improved client communication and retention with increased data security. But transiting to Cloud-based business and maintaining confidential data accessible over the Web raises deployment and security issues that professional practice firms must assess.

Jennifer Katrulya talks cloud computing for professional practices

Jennifer Katrulya CPA & Accounting Technologist

Now you can learn from one of the accounting technology industry’s leading experts how to successfully move your firm into the cloud.

Register for WebinarWed 12-12-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

Jennifer Katrulya, CPA, is founder and CEO of Danbury, Conn.-based Business Management Resource Group, a firm that uses cloud-based accounting systems to provide outsourced accounting and advisory services to clients across the U.S. and internationally. She also educates other CPA firms in how to make the most of Cloud-based best practices. 

Ms. Katrulya’s extensive cloud-plus-accounting experience and knowledge includes advising hundreds of small and mid-sized business clients on utilizing cloud computing and cloud accounting technologies to profitably build their practices. 

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Infographic: Goodbye to Office Toolus Extinctus

Office Tools Going ExtinctA new study, survey-ed more than 7,000 professionals worldwide …

… and queried which tech and trends are likely not be seen by the year 2017. 1000s of business and practice managers agreed they could likely soon see such office tool staples  as the tape recorder, fax machine, and Rolodex at science exhibits alongside petrified wood and Brontosaurus skeletons.

According to the survey, the top ten tech and office
trends soon to be going the way of the Dodo Bird are:

Dodo Bird Office tech being phased outTape recorders (79 percent), Fax machines (71 percent), Rolodexes (58 percent), Standard working hours (57 percent), Desk phones (35 percent), Desktop computers (34 percent), Formal business attire – suits, ties, pantyhose, etc. (27 per-cent), Corner offices for managers  and executives (21 percent), Cubicles (19 percent), and USB thumb drives (17 percent)

“Business pros from around the world also suggested several key dream tools they’d like to see in the future. These include having a clone or assistant to help them (25 percent), a place in the office that provides natural sunlight (25 percent), and a quiet place in their office where they’re allowed to take a nap (22 percent). In a funny twist, 19 percent of respondents said they wish they had a mute button for their coworkers so they don’t have to hear them talk.”

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Tax Preparation Software Survey Highlights

2012 tax preparation software survey

2012 AICPA tax preparation software survey highlights

“Cloud Computing a growing trend”

Over 6,000 certified public accountants assessed the tax prep applications they used to prepare year 2011 tax returns, indicating what they did and did not appreciate about their tax software in a recent survey by the AICPA.

This year, the tax software survey also examined newer methods of utilizing tax software, finding that cloud computing, while not yet proliferate, is a distinct relative shift among tax return preparers.

See also:  Tax Software Hosting and Cloud Computing

Overall user bliss was close to those surveyed in 2011, with the ratings for most applications hovering near the 4.3 (out of 5) average for all tax prep softwares (in 2011, all apps also averaged 4.3). UltraTax won the overall #1 spot again this year at 4.5, narrowly besting out Lacerte (4.4)


For 2012, the survey examined respondents’ adoption of new trends in technology, such as cloud computing. Cloud computing has achieved common phenomenon status outside the field of tax prep software, both in consumer software applications and in business.

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Hosted QuickBooks: Understand Your Service Options First

Hosted QuickBooks for the Modern World of Business

award winning cloud9 hosted quickbooks software hosting21st century technology is altering the way businesses and their CPAs do accounting. The agencies that stay on the cutting edge of this trend will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced IT costs and greater flexibility. However, embracing this technology also can mean considering new business models.

Hosted QuickBooks is a simple concept

A case in point: The way hosted QuickBooks works is easy to grasp. Instead of paying a licensing fee to have software installed on your local desktop or office server, you pay a monthly service fee for a hosted QuickBooks provider to host the application remotely. You then access the hosted QuickBooks from any computer, and because your data is now as well hosted on the provider’s remote servers, anyone who uses the hosted QuickBooks system sees the data in real time.

See also: Cloud9 Nabs Top Accounting Cloud Hosting Award

Get the: Accounting Cloud White Paper

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Numbers Have Moved To The Cloud…

Together in the Cloud

- An excerpt from Robert J. Chandler’s new book Together In The Cloud, which was released earlier this year. This excerpt orginally appeared in the Feb 2012 edition of CPA Practice Advisor.

- Rob has recently been nominated for Small Business Trends’ 2012 ‘Small Business Influencer ‘ and you may vote for him HERE.  

The Benefits Of Online Client Accounting

The Cloud has changed the world of accounting. This concept is not new—it actually dates back to the early 1990s—but the biggest growth by accounting firms starting to take advantage of this online technology has been within the last few years.

Robert J. Chandler

Robert J. Chandler

Today’s technology is used by more and more accounting professionals and business owners to accomplish their tasks with far more convenience and efficiency. These new methods provide mutual benefits as owners and accountants work together in the Cloud.

While most of the advantages have been around for some time, they are now finally being utilized as they should be. Consider four unique mutual benefits of online client accounting.

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