Announcement: Cloud9 Real Time Selected As The Cloud Solutions Provider For QBExpress Seminar Systems

handshake and sunlight

Cloud9 Real Time and QBExpress Seminar Systems are excited to work together as partners to develop a successful relationship as well as create new opportunities.

QBExpress has been in business since 1998, and their accountants have trained more than 300,000 business owners and staff members on how to properly utilize QuickBooks accounting software, as well as providing invaluable education regarding best-practice technical solutions. Their services include systemized QuickBooks training, suppor and service for businesses in their area, as well as Business Performance Analysis services, which utilizes a proprietary system created by QBExpress.

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cropped-qblogoKim Fedore, CEO of QBExpress, says, “Our team extensively researched hosted virtual office solutions and in our opinion Cloud9 was the superior provider in all categories. Criteria analyzed includes the technology platform, accessibility, scalability, ease of integration with business software applications, security, technical support, and the ability to pay only for services used. Cloud9 delivers a fully managed all-in-one virtual office solution for both clients and staff and we are very impressed with this exceptional company and their elite team.”

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New LogoCloud9 Real Time’s President and CEO, Robert J. Chandler, states, “Cloud9 is excited to be partnered with QBExpress. We recognized them as a leader in the accounting community. This is a great opportunity to enhance the way accountants and business communication and access financial information anytime, anywhere via any technology device. We expect this partnership to create new opportunities for both companies. We will work closely with QBExpress together to leverage the best-of-class-solutions.”

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Overall, both companies are excited to build this relationship and work together in order to improve QBExpress’ accounting community through Cloud9 Real Time’s cloud computing solutions.

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Cloud Accounting Software Hosting
– 5 Good Reasons to Make the Switch in 2015

cloud accounting software hosting starts with cloud9 real time
Pondering the most efficient and affordable thing you might do to benefit
your business in 2015? Cloud accounting software hosting is number one …

The strikingly positive ratio of invested resources versus gained benefits beyond your most optimistic expectations with cloud accounting software should assuage any latent hesitation you may have in this matter. On the other hand, only cloud accounting software can ensure that your business is truly 21st century mobile.

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With this in mind, without exaggeration cloud accounting has proven itself the single most powerful tool for dealing with seemingly endless and time consuming bookkeeping activities.

We could give 100 reasons to embrace cloud accounting software with your daily business routine in 2015 – but here are the five most beneficial ones to start –

  • Real time updated “true cash flow” – This means that cloud accounting software hosting can give you the decisive advantage in your business. The cloud-based accounting systems can provide you with accurate, reliable and real-time information about your business’s financial condition – the optimal way to ensure a proper basis for adequate business decisions.
  • Show me the money, now! – Statistics show you have to wait to get money due almost 41 days on average. Cloud accounting software hosting speeds up the cycle to less than 3-weeks’ time.

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Cloud Accounting Technology Advantages
New Infographic: The Evolution of Accounting

Modern cloud accounting technology is evolving quickly
Modern accounting is evolving quickly, directly correlated to the
increased demands that accounting firms are now responding to …

cloud accounting technology is evolving infographic

Click for infographic

Today, practice clients not only desire more and better but they are also open to trying new modalities of working – using Skype, virtual CFOs, daily reports and rolling forecasts, for instance. Concurrently, accounting firm costs are rising and often partner profits are down. For these reasons, firms that depend on compliance work and paying significantly for desktop software are particularly succumbing to competition from more agile competitors.

See also: Cloud Accounting or Traditional Accounting?

Cloud Accounting Technology Factors

The biggest factors contributing to the rapid increase in cloud accounting technology include the possibility to cut practice overheads like travel and data input costs, as well as improved service and increased client satisfaction.

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CPA Technology Change – Not Just Another Cloud App

cpa technologyPull together an array of cloud accounting and CPA technology authorities in a room, and there’ll be much differing of opinion about the speed of change among accounting practices and its implications.

cpa technology slide presentation

Click for presentation

That’s basically what Bob Scott of Progressive Accountant did in a recent special update about the cloud and CPA technology, in which he interviewed a cross-section of thought-leaders in the profession, including AICPA president, Erik Asgeirsson.

 CPA Technology Consensus

There is one area of CPA technology consensus, Bob found: “There is no doubt that Internet-based software is fundamentally changing organizations and how they conduct business.”

At Cloud9 Real Time, we concur. We believe that cloud computing and related emergent CPA technology make client accounting services a tremendous growth opportunity for practices.

Rick Armstrong, for example, is using our accounting partner virtual server solution to offer QuickBooks and other application hosting, outsourced management and virtual-CFO solutions: 

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White Paper: Digital Tax Practice Cloud Hosting
– A Paperless Environment, the Flexibility of Paper

digital tax practice basics to advanced for serious digital tax practitioners

                                                  – Image credit: Fast Company Digital Tax Prep Tools

A Key Component of the Digital Tax Practice is OCR

Tax preparation has come a long way since the days of service bureaus, couriers and paper forms. Personal computer-based tax software allowed tax returns to be prepared entirely in-house. Now, some tax document automation solutions are allowing firms to embrace a completely digital tax practice. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), source documents like W-2s, K1s and brokerage statements can be scanned and automatically bookmarked and organized. Then, the relevant tax data from those source documents can be exported to tax software.

digital tax practice sureprep white paperIf your goal is increased efficiency, the time you save with a Digital Tax Practice by not having to organize your files and key punch data into tax software is important, very important, but it isn’t the most important component of a truly automated digital tax practice. To understand the most important component, think about how and when a 1040 tax return flows through your office.

File Types and Workflow in a Digital Tax Practice

With most tax document automation solutions the process works like this: You scan the paper documents that were provided by your client then you run the scanned documents through OCR.

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K2 Enterprises Names Cloud9 Real Time AGAIN –
‘Top Cloud Hosting Provider’ for Accounting Industry!

K2 enterprises 2014 technology award to cloud9 real time

k2 enterprises technology awardsK2 Enterprises Announced its 2014 Quality
Technology Awards, and the winner is …

Cloud9 has been recognized AGAIN as the 2014
Top Accounting Cloud provider by K2 Enterprises.

The K2 Quality Tech Awards acknowledge accounting technology companies that exemplify quality in technology solutions for the accounting profession. K2 has been providing its Quality Awards for eleven years.  “My sincere congratulations go out to all our winners!” said Val Steed, CEO K2 Enterprises.

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Outdated Accounting Software – 10 Obvious Signs:
Using Outdated Accounting Technology Adds Needless Time and Cost

As an outsourced accountant, bookkeeper or consultant, you needn’t
be a computer geek to assist your client’s entry into the 21st century…

cloud summit explains the high cost of outdated accounting softwareOftentimes small business owners don’t realize that they are still using an accounting system that has gradually (or rapidly) become antiquated.  Often they are not cognizant that they would save time and money with a suitable upgrade combined with various add-ons.  Doug Sleeter’s famous “Legomaster Chunkification” has become the order of the day.

Just be mindful of certain tell-tale signs, in Letterman-style descending order …

Outdated Accounting Software Signs #10:
– Old, Antiquated and/or Obscure Software

During the past decade accounting software systems have consolidated and streamlined.  Software applications demonstrate increased flexibility, speed and connectivity.  Even accounting for specialized industries no longer mandates  specialized software.

Outdated Accounting Software Signs #9:
– Lack of an Accounting System Budget

If a business isn’t budgeted to spend an annual amount on keeping it’s  accounting system humming, for upgrading application, staff training, and staying up to date with industry developments, then an accumulating deficit can become amazingly large.  Software makers characteristically release new versions yearly, but client often don’t instantly see the value from automatically upgrading to the newest versions.  This leads to the pitfall of ignoring all updates.  A good balance is to advise the client to stay within the previous two versions.

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IT Corner:
Why Your Business Needs To Be On The Cloud NOW

Cloud Computing for Small Business, Accounting & Legal Firms

Searching for your first cloud computing project? Chances are you’re considering a very small, very low-risk application to create on a cloud computing provider.

“I get the logic,” writes  David Linthicum at his InfoWorld cloud computing blog,  “Its a low-value application.  If the thing tanks or your information is hacked, no harm, no foul. However, I assert that you could move backward by hedging your bets, retrenching further and further into the data center and missing out on the game-changing advantages of the cloud.”

Linthicum is insistent, however, that you need to bite that bullet now, update that résumé (in case your superiors don’t agree), and push your strategic corporate data to the public cloud.

Using cloud computing optimally allows you to leverage your data in new ways, increasingly thanks to new and emerging tools — without having to pay gazillions of dollars for new infrastructure to support the higher-based processing. When you have such low-cost capacity, you’ll find new ways to analyze your business using this data, and that will lead to improved decisions and improved business.

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Free Webinar Thurs Sept 11th:
Requests for Sage Cloud Hosting Surge, Learn Why!

Sage Cloud Hosting grows at Cloud9“With the recent surge of practice managers and business owners selecting Sage cloud hosting of Sage 50 Accounting, and other Sage applications, as their financial accounting software of choice, Cloud9 Real Time plans on enabling more cloud computing options, including more application add-ons and additional OS options for Cloud9 clients to select from.”  – Robert J. Chandler CEO

Graph showing surge in Sage Cloud Hosting requestsFree Webinar Thurs Sept 11, 11AM-12PM PDT
Join Cloud9 as we deep dive into Sage hosting solutions. Lean how to save money while increasing productivity. We host every version of Sage software.presently supported.

The Future is Sage Cloud hosting

At Cloud9 Real Time, we are always assessing data and trending popularities of software applications that business owners and managers are asking to have hosted on their private virtual servers. This allows Cloud9 to remain current and informed as to what clients are seeking from their Cloud9 services plan. Sage cloud hosting is a case in point. 

 Free Webinar Thurs Sept 11, 11AM-12PM PDT

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Webinar Wed July 30th:
Anytime/Anywhere QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud

Accounting Hosting Cloud Webinar the future of QuickBooks QuickBooks 2014 desktop versions and 500+ other business applications
via customized, managed cloud hosting is a real game changer. What else is in store?
Join the Cloud9 Webinar and get up to speed fast!

Register for Webinar –
QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud
Wed July 30th, 2014 @ 11AM-12PM Pacific Time

Intuit has many options for small to medium sized business owners in terms of accounting software choices including different flavors and versions of QuickBooks Desktop such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Premier Accountants Edition, POS and Enterprise 2014 are now all available in the United States to host AND Lease! Save time and money while gaining the benefits of working in the Cloud. Find out on this free webinar, the new features of QuickBooks 2014 and how you can Lease all the versions of QuickBooks desktop editions, have anytime, anywhere access while turning all the IT responsibilities like backups, updates, server maintenance etc to Cloud9.

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How Business Application Hosting Minimizes Headaches

Business application hosting alleviates software and IT headaches!

In recent years, cloud-hosted virtual server solutions and services have accelerated in popularity, for good reason, and many or most SMBs and financial firms are at least investigating this new paradigm for financial, business and IT management.

cloud summit explains business application hostingBusiness application hosting provides that your company’s business software applications and data are kept online in high-security data-centers rather than installed locally on your laptop or office server computer. Cloud-based application hosting from Cloud9 Real Time provides a range of advantages that your business can realize near instantly.

Reduced Business Application Maintenance

Application maintenance responsibilities, including security patches, the testing and deployment of which are handled by Cloud9 Real Time, is a fundamental business application hosting advantage.

Cloud9 virtual server and business software hosting solutions enable you to leverage, integrate, customize and deploy business applications as your business requires, and are fully supported by industry-recognized security and disaster recovery standards; delivering great flexibility, amelioration of risk, capital savings and rapid access to your office data and software.

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Cloud Accounting: Three Thought Leaders Weigh In

Robert J. Chandler talks Cloud accounting Computing

Robert J. Chandler

Cloud9 CEO Robert Chandler and Fannit CEO Keith Eneix, hosts of CloudTalk Radio, interviewed some of the thought leaders in the accounting industry at the AICPA conference last month held in Las Vegas. Some changes happening in the accounting industry are impacting businesses all over and it is worth getting it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here are some key takeaways –

cpa academy talks cloud accountingScott Zarret, CEO of CPA Academy, discussed how access to continuing education for accounting firms and CPAs though MOOCs (massively open online courses) has changed the types of materials you can earn CPE credits on. A lot of accountants now can more easily and cost efficiently stay educated about a variety of topicslike how to become their client’s financial advisors in addition to being compliance based bookkeepers and tax accountants.

doug sleeter talks cloud accountingDoug Sleeter, CEO of The Sleeter Group, is always an interesting interview. His concepts on ‘Chunkification’ and ‘Digital Plumbing’ as it relates to the accounting industry are holding true.

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New Report from Deloitte –
– The Cloud-Based Accounting Revolution

cloud-based accounting revolution report from deloitte
The coming year will be a defining time for businesses adopting digital technology

– SMBs, failing to leap, risk missing out on the cloud-based accounting revolution

In a recent report from Deloitte, Harnessing The ‘Bang’, Stories From The Digital Frontline, Deloitte updated its assessment of the effect of digital disruption, underscoring that the speed of change is accelerating and impacting businesses big and small across Australia and the world.

cloud-based accounting revolution report download here

Click for report

The next twelve months will be a turning point for SMBs; whether they embrace the digital disruption or not. Current research on cloud computing highlighted that nearly 70 per cent of businesses are still not utilizing cloud technology in a fundamental manner.

Thus two thirds of business owners are failing to capitalize on a key fundamental strategy of competitive advantage: cloud-based accounting.

This hesitancy among SMB owners and managers may be attributed to the fact that many are simply not cognizant of how far such technologies have advanced during the past 48 months and thereby unmindful of the positive influence cloud technologies can have on their business.

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Webinar Thurs June 5th – Virtual Cloud Solutions
10 Reasons Your Business Needs The Cloud NOW!

Virtual Office and virtual Cloud solutions are the future of businessGet up to speed fast on Cloud9’s innovative and award-winning Virtual Office and Virtual Cloud Solutions for Your Business.

Is your in-house server a dinosaur?  Have you pushed it to the edge of its life?  Has it reached the phase where it’s time to do something about it?  You’re not alone. Ditch that old server!

By taking advantage of cloud services SMBs can reap the benefits of not having to invest in a physical infrastructure like in house servers. Additionally, the anytime, anywhere availability of these solutions, leads to a hassle-free collaboration among business partners, employees, and clients. Get affordable enterprise solutions whether you’re an entrepreneur, small office, or mom-and-pop business.

Register: Thursday, June 5th 2014
…………….11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Countless other business are in the same place you are. Join Cloud9 Real Time and let us show you why a fully managed Virtual Server will make solution for your business.  Your company deserves increased efficiency, fewer IT headaches, dramatic cost savings, enhanced security and greater mobility.  

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Sleeter Group Cloud9 Review – A One Year Assessment

Sleeter Group Cloud9 Review began with its move to Cloud9 Real TimeIn recent years Sleeter Group’s Doug Sleeter has written often about how small business owners who are “addicted” to desktop version software should get their mission-critical desktop software hosted in the cloud.

“At The Sleeter Group, we moved our whole back office (QuickBooks and all of our add-ons) to Cloud9 Real Time in January 2013. It was one of those “practice what we preach” decisions, and boy are we glad we did it. Our hope was that by using a hosting solution, we could move to the cloud without having to retrain all our staff and switch to new workflows all at the same time.”

True to his commitment last year, Doug Sleeter is back with a Sleeter Group Cloud9 review on how hosting QuickBooks and back office applications with Cloud9 is working out for The Sleeter Group.

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Cloud Summit 2014 – Sept 17-19 – Do The Math!
– The Cloud Accounting Conference Not To Be Missed!

cloud9 real time san diego cloud accounting conference..Speakers Sponsors Special Events Hotel Register

5th annual cloud accounting conference – Your business and clients are busy, and your competition is growing … September 17-19 Cloud Summit 2014 won’t just help you keep up – it will give you the tools and training to be more efficient, productive and secure!

See also: Here Comes Cloud Summit 2014 – Earlybird Discount Ends 5/31!

In fact, 97% of attendees surveyed said they would recommend attending the Cloud Summit 2014 cloud accounting conference to their colleagues and friends, and 94% said their business improvements outweighed the cost of attending more than 5-fold. Follow the math below!

Cloud Summit ’14 cloud accounting conference combines keynote talks by some of the most influential thought leaders and tech experts in the industry — including Orvel Ray Wilson, Doug Sleeter and Greg LaFollette — with hands-on workshops, 1-on-1 training, educational and marketing sessions and time for networking with other professionals in every stage of implementation.

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Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale
– Ring Up More Sales with Cloud9 Real Time!

Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale is a game changerThroughout the many years that Cloud9 Real Time has been supporting accountants and their business clients of all shapes and sizes, one of the most requested applications to host, or support in various ways, has been QuickBooks Point of Sale, also known as POS. And granted, after hearing the various reasons from these users, it’s understood why the requests kept pouring in almost on a weekly basis. But Cloud9 Real Time has been ready, since early 2013, to take your business POS needs to the Cloud with the industry’s best hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale solution, tailor-made for each and every unique retail, POS and accounting needs.

See also: Moving QuickBooks POS to the Cloud

Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 can ring in more salesCloud hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 allows for the capability to sync  all orders, inventory, customer lists, employee records (such as time clock history, payroll management and security,) and payroll information to your Cloud hosted QuickBooks Accounting software with just the click of a button using the End of Day Procedure feature.

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Cloud Accounting & Practice Marketing Visionaries
To Present Compelling Keynotes At Cloud Summit 14

cloud accounting event in san diego…… Speakers …. Sponsors …. Special Events …. Hotel …. Register

Conference to explore current & future
technology + new marketing strategies

San Diego, CA  April 25, 2014 – The co-sponsors of Cloud Summit 2014 –Cloud9 Real Time, BMRG LLC  and CloudSway – have announced their selection of keynote speakers for this fall’s 3-day exploration of implementing and marketing cloud accounting.

“Today’s accounting professionals and small businesses need help making the transition to cloud accounting,” said Robert J. Chandler President at Cloud9 Real Time. “Our keynote speakers — leading voices in today’s technology and tomorrow’s vision – will provide the insight, tools and marketing expertise that are needed to advance to this critical next step.”

Five of the industry’s most prominent cloud accounting and marketing experts will address attendees in keynote speeches September 17-19, 2014, in San Diego:

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Cloud Accounting or Traditional Accounting
– Why Cloud is Better for Small Businesses

Cloud Accounting or Traditional AccountingRegardless of what type of business you run or the size of it, accounting and paper work are essential components. Over the years accounting software has advanced even further, and now business owners are faced with oodles of options to meet the individual needs of their own profession.

Cloud Summit 2014 Cloud computing conferenceTracking expenses, invoicing applications, bookkeeping and accounting is tedious – no matter how good you are at the math and organizational side of things. But, if you don’t stay on top of it or make it a priority, it doesn’t take long before your business becomes a hectic mess or worse – and funds are lost or unaccounted for.

See also: Infographic: Cloud Accounting Software
– Why You Should Move Accounting to Cloud in 2014

With the emergence of cloud accounting solutions creating huge media fanfare in the last 3 years, traditional accounting software has been forced to improve their programs and fight for its place in the business world. Despite cloud accounting’s success though, business owners are still juggling with the concept of which software is right for their business. We delve into the two and uncover why cloud accounting software is the hottest thing for business owners right now, and why it’s the best solution for you.

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The 8 Most Read Cloud9 Blog Posts for 2013

best cloud computing posts of 2013What subjects and articles were our readers following last year? Take a another look at our 8 most popular Cloud9 blog posts in 2013. Some of these saw their traffic buoyed by good search visibility while others enjoyed better social media popularity.

The top Cloud9 blog posts for 2013 in reverse order:

Doug Sleeter cloud computing moving office to cloud with Cloud9 blog posts#8: Sleeter Moves to Cloud, How & Why
When does one consider moving office to cloud? Business owners and practice managers are all abuzz about moving their office to cloud computing as though one could just wiggle their nose (apologies to Samantha and Jeannie) and instantly switch from software to paperless workflow systems. However the reality for most businesses and practices is that moving office to cloud, regardless of how motivated, will take some strategic planning.

#7: Interest in Paperless Law Firm Capabilities Picking Up
Recent studies show that law firms are more and more embracing technology as the key differentiator in a competitive market for the paperless law firm storing files digitally is less expensive, more convenient, and more eco-friendly than printing and stacking boxes of paper files

office wifi password hacking cloud9 blog posts#6: Office WiFi Security is Vulnerable to Hacking, How?
A past article in Ars Technica rekindled a healthy a nerve with many professionals and business owners regarding general password and office WiFi security…  Passwords are the keys that secure virtually everything nowadays. Use a weak password and the outcome could be disastrous.  And one of the areas where passwords are the weakest are the standard issue office and home WiFi networks now universally ubiquitous.

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Infographic: Cloud Accounting Software
– Why You Should Move Accounting to Cloud in 2014

cloud accounting software infographic

Infograph source: Sage UK

Cloud accounting has become the cutting edge of paperless professional practice applications in recent years, with increasing numbers of businesses selecting to move to the cloud in order to make the most of the benefits cloud accounting software and cloud computing has to offer.

If you are thinking about moving to cloud computing and cloud accounting software, we have included an infographic from Sage that examines the wins that businesses have already received after embracing everything cloud and the benefits that can make the most of by adopting a cloud-based practice approach. Also shown are some of the common phobias about cloud computing and cloud accounting, which include security and privacy concerns, in order to give you a comprehensive review before you take the leap.

Cloud Accounting Software Efficiencies 

Any business manager understands that bookkeeping and accounting are important components of operation that require time and energy away otherwise spent on the revenue-generating aspects of the business.

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QuickBooks Cloud Backup, Best Practices!

[Editor’s note: Best practices advice from a real pro:  All Cloud customers using QuickBooks should avoid the risk of a problematic bloated TLG file by running an occasional manual backup and verification. Los Altos CPA and accounting technologist Victoria Cameron provides a good tutorial just added to Cloud9’s support Knowledge Base.  Sure we spoil you with a fully managed custom solution, and everything is always backed up and disaster ready, but don’t forget, the basics still apply!]*

One of the best parts of Cloud9’s hosted QuickBooks service is that your data is always backed up, painlessly, every night. So now you never need to use the backup routine in QuickBooks for making periodic backups – Right? Wrong!

Victoria Cameron QuickBooks Cloud Backup guest post at Cloud9 Real Time

QuickBooks Cloud Backup Done Correctly

Best practices in maintaining a healthy QuickBooks file on Cloud9 still dictates performing a manual QuickBooks Cloud Backup on a regular basis. Not using the actual QuickBooks Cloud Backup process can lead to trouble with your data file down the road. The reason for it are three little letters – TLG.

The .TLG file is one of several files that QuickBooks creates every time you open your company file in a new place. The main file has the extension .QBW. Then there is a .QBW.ND file which helps the QuickBooks Database Server manage access to the file.

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Cloud9 Named to INC 500|5000 Ranks!

INC 500 Cloud Computing - Cloud9 added to INC 5000Cloud9 Real Time has been recognized as one of America’s  fastest growing private technology companies by Inc. in the magazine’s 32nd annual awards. Started in 1982, the INC-500|5000 is a prestigious list of the nation’s most successful private companies and has become a hallmark of entrepreneurial success.

Cloud9 Real Time President/CEO, Robert J. Chandler commented, “It’s a great honor being recognized by INC, one of the few publications dedicated exclusively to privately held companies that are producing innovative ideas.”

INC 500 Cloud Computing now that cloud9 joins INC 500

Cloud9 made the Top-60 in IT Service nationally, Top-100 private companies in California and number 9 among San Diego County companies. A complete list of all companies awarded can be found at

“Cloud9’s growth has been tremendous over the past 4 years and we are looking forward to an even stronger 2014!,” added Mr. Chandler.

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Tax Application Hosting on the Cloud

Tax Application hosting on Cloud

Tax application hosting – No longer limited to QuickBooks and Microsoft software cloud hosting!

Cloud9 private virtual server solutions provide clients with a private cloud to host all their desktop office, organizational, and financial applications including tax application hosting, time & billing programs, CRM systems etc. Tax application hosting allows users to access the programs anytime, anywhere via internet access and work remote with their tax applications being hosted at a SSAE 16 Type II Data Center.

See related: Cloud9 Real Time has been honored with the 2012 & 2013 Reader’s Choice Award by CPA Practice Advisor for Favorite Accounting ASP/Hosted/Cloud Solution Provider

tax application hosting by cloud9 voted #1 by more accountants and tax preparersWhy would you want to host your tax software? A multitude of reasons! The most common reason for hosting tax software is that the firm does not want to buy and maintain a local server. Second, the firm has remote employees or the need to work outside the physical office on their programs. Finally, the firm desires to have a more secure infrastructure then the traditional client-server infrastructure.

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Cloud Accounting: Pros w/ Few Cons

CPA Practice Advisor Cloud Accounting Hosting AwardMany small company owners & managers know the benefits of maintaining the business books; they also know just how time intensive it can be!

Proper bookkeeping is solely for the benefit of operating a company; it is a must for business owners to keep up to date with their P&L and revenue targets.*

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting & More!From CPA Practice Advisor –

Get the White Paper – A Specialized Cloud for Accountants

Presently there are MANY accounting software packages available off the shelf, with some being industry standards, and some being more niche specialized.  Amidst the decision-matrix there is a growing move towards selecting cloud-based accounting and virtual server software hosting, which functions and is accessed via the web. This basically means that the bookkeeping and accounting processes happen online, rather than localized to an individual PC.

Cloud Accounting Concerns

One essential concern company owners have with cloud accounting is data security. This in itself should not be an overriding concern; cloud access is only granted by permission from authorized account holders. The best cloud hosting companies invest significant capital in security and backup.  Essentially, data may actually be safer than if it was stored locally. For example, data could be lost through theft of hardware or failure when stored on an office computer or server. Such risk is minimised when data is stored in the cloud and protected by high levels of security and backup procedure.

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Moving QuickBooks POS Hosting to the Cloud

quickbooks pos hosting from the cloud computing platform IaaS“QuickBooks POS hosting by Cloud9 Real Time is a terrific game changer for many small businesses …

… QuickBooks POS hosting reduces IT costs and shifts the focus from IT to billable hours while providing the luxury, security and convenience of anytime-anywhere access while Cloud9 manages the servers, data center, backups, and any and all software updates and glitches!”
 (Enthused POS pro at CloudSummit ‘12)

– Go to QuickBooks Hosting main


quickbooks pos hosting from cloud9Newly unveiled, Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 POS software organizes and tracks sales, customer information, and inventory counts. The new Cloud9 QuickBooks POS hosting using version 2013 includes improvements in the navigation and user interface, as well as a valuable new mobile sync feature. Combined with Cloud9’s virtual server (cloud computing) solution, the newest version of Intuit’s POS software offers an unparalleled advantage to account for and synchronize multiple business locations from a single ‘bank-level’ secure access point. 

QuickBooks POS Hosting Now With Mobile Access

Mobile QuickBooks POS hosting and access on Cloud9With QuickBooks POS hosting of version 2013, business operators can also easily accept credit card transactions via smart-devices, iPads,  iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries, so its natively mobile now, allowing shopkeepers and retailers to transact commerce anywhere, from the middle of an eatery to a vendor booth at a conference or a delivery at a job site. All smart device originated transaction and inventory updates instantly synced to QuickBooks POS 2013 hosted on the cloud.

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Debuting a New, Safer, Seamless & Simpler Cloud

Cloud Computing for CPA Firms

A Newer, Safer, Seamless & Simpler Cloud Computing Experience for Practice Firms

Cloud9 Real Time is bringing dynamic Cloud solutions to the 2013 Winning is Everything conference January 16-18, 2013 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Winning is Everything is the Practice Management event of the year, providing forward-thinking accounting firms with a global vantage point on all practice management related topics.

Accounting practice Cloud ComputingCloud9 Real Time President Robert J. Chandler stated the importance of the event: “The attendees of Winning is Everything are all very highly educated professionals that are really looking to take their firm to the next level. We enjoy being a part of the conference as we meet with truly ground breaking individuals in the accounting profession looking to streamline their office and business processes.”

Cloud9 shows firms how the Cloud can work for them and the cost savings advantages available over managing a local in-office server. Moving to the Cloud provides accounting firms and professionals with a secure data center, outsourced IT, automatic backups and a disaster recovery plan.

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Managing AP & AR with Cloud Computing and Quickbooks Cloud Hosting is a Cash Flow Command and Control System that manages accounts payable and receivable for businesses of all sizes.

Offering online bill pay, custom invoicing services and collections, unlimited document storage, collaboration tools, and mobile access,’s services easily syncs to users’ accounting software, QuickBooks hosting clouds and online bank accounts to better control company financials. syncs with Cloud hosted appsA big hit at this year’s CloudSummit 2012, guards against errors and employs enterprise-class fraud protections that current desktop methods cannot match. More than 100,000 users are now paying millions of bills worth billions of dollars using

Small-business accounting software has greatly matured, but gaps in SMB business procedures still remain. successfully addresses one of those gaps by expanding on the accounts payable functions of your accounting application. can serve as a standalone application or as an integrated add-on to QuickBooks.

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White Paper: Firms Harnessing the Power of Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting White Paper

Newly published cloud accounting white paper …

… from the AICPA and derived from recent research conducted by Silicon Valley tech consultant, author and managing director of consulting firm TCG Advisors, Geoffrey Moore, describes the impact that cloud accounting is having on client accounting services for companies of all sizes.*

*Sources: SourceMedia and BusinessWire

See also: Cloud9 Named #1 Cloud Provider by 5000 CPAs poll

Geoffrey Moore Accounting White Paper

Dr. Geoffrey Moore

Moore interviewed dozens of accounting leaders and technologists and discovered that work involving client accounting outsource – has rapidly become a cloud-accelerated field of growth for accounting firms. His findings are assembled into a new AICPA research report, titled Accounting Services: Harness the Power of the Cloud.”

Moore lays out three mega-shifts that are fueling innovation in the CPA and financial professions: transitioning from paper to digital, Internet-based solutions; practices moving from a physical to a more virtual presence; and from being a “generalist” practice to specialization in particular industry niches.

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Webinar: Effectively Run Your Business From A Tablet

Transform your business to be more productive and efficient using iPads and other mobile devices.  

Register for WebinarWed 12-19-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

Because more CPAs, bookkeepers, and other financial pros are using iPads and other tablets and smart devices, software companies and other providers of web-based tools will continue to evolve rapidly to meet the demand for more and efficient ways to engage business and tasks completion on the fly. iPad for quickbooks cloud accountingTogether with BMRG president Jennifer Katrulya, and Cloud9 CEO Robert J. Chandler, we are pleased to announce next week’s “Run Your Business From a Tablet” webinar, which offers ways for accounting and financial practices to work full time on iPads and other tablets.

Register for WebinarWed 12-19-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

According to accounting technologist Jennifer Katrulya at her blog, “The portability of a tablet is great, but security and privacy isn’t always assured. That’s a potential problem when you’re trying to run a business on a tablet.” Adds Jennifer: “Storage space is another and potentially huge hindrance for tablet users who wish to handle even a moderate amount of data. Fortunately, some promising developments in the world of tablets and cloud computing are taking away the barriers that once faced tablet users.”

Register for WebinarWed 12-19-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

This webinar will explore the challenges tablet using practice managers and business owners face and offer solutions that will allow you to work efficiently from anywhere.  We hope you’ll join us!