CPE Credit Free Webinar Jan 22nd:
Your Office on the Cloud. Your Server. Your Way

CPE credit webinarWith the rapid evolution of technology and growing competition, having the right cloud strategy is essential in today’s marketplace. This presentation led by Cloud9 CEO Robert Chandler will focus on how a customized virtual server will facilitate your business’s ability to work more productively and securely in the cloud.

CPE Credit Webinar Date & Register:
Thursday, January 22nd 11:00am Pacific

Cost:                   Free
CPE Credit:        1.0 hour
Type of Credit:   CPE for CPAs

Learning Objectives
-  Learn how cloud computing will increase your profits & efficiencies.
-  Understanding cloud security and flexibility for your business.
-  Best practices for cloud implementation.

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Green Cloud Computing, What Does IT Mean?
– Help Plant A Billion Trees With Cloud9 In January!

green cloud computing from Cloud9 Real Time‘Green cloud computing’ is a trending nomenclature reflective of huge potential environmental benefit(s) that IT services rendered via the Web can offer society. The expression conflates environ-friendly ‘green’ with ‘cloud.’

Special note: For every user added to your Cloud during the month of January, Cloud9 Real Time will make a donation to the “Plant a Billion Trees” initiative from the Nature Conservancy.

Also, ‘green’ is associated with revenue, profit, money, ‘greenbacks’ and all, so ‘green’ cloud computing is also used to describe the vast economies of scale, rapid market adoption velocity, and amazing business  efficiencies and potential revenue growth of cloud computing initiatives.

Government Standards & Green Cloud Computing

cloud9 is green cloud computing

Carbon footprints and climate change top the planet’s list of worries, largely due to our reliance on ‘dirty’ energy from fossil fuels.  Often we blame the industrial sectors as the culprits of pollution and atmospheric stress, but it’s actually the IT industries that should rightly be shouldering the blame.

……..>  download the Cloud9 green sheet

Governments increasingly place demanding limits on factory and industrial energy consumption and emissions while such power consumption and pollution from IT and computer processing and data centers is often largely ignored.

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Cloud Computing Efficiency:
A New Infographic of Historical & Future Perspective

People tout cloud computing efficiency as the next big thing,
but the idea is almost as old as the modern computer itself …

cloud computing efficiency is what cloud9 real time does.

Click for infographic

Cloud computing efficiency isn’t a new concept in the IT world. Back in the 1960s the cloud “founding fathers” J.C.R. Licklider (contributed to the development of ARPANET) and John McCarthy (invented the term AI – Artificial Intelligence) examined the concepts of “global network and framing computation.”

See: Cloud9 Virtual Server Options

Basic cloud computing efficiency technologies have been in operational use for considerable time prior to the official term “cloud computing” being introduced in 1997 by the professor Ramnath Chellappa.

Companies are now adopting cloud services with amazing speed and enthusiasm, based on increasingly strong benefits, such as substantial cost reduction and ease of use for staff with no particular IT expertise.

But the #1 benefit companies cite is cloud computing efficiency.

Recent findings of the Carbon Disclosure Project strongly support this claim. The introduction of cloud computing service not only increases IT performance efficiency, but also significantly decreases energy consumption and carbon emissions. According to the group’s estimates, by 2020 US organizations  that move to the cloud will achieve substantial savings of nearly $13 billion. We’re talking the energy cost equivalent of over 200 million barrels of oil.

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Law Firm Cloud Servers?
– 7 Reasons Why IT Makes Sense NOW!

Online auction. Gavel on laptop. 3dHave you seen the movie documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? That’s what many think is next for the in-house server. Law firm cloud server technology has been on an uphill rise for the past 5 years and isn’t going anywhere. If your firm is not already in the cloud, it’s only a matter of time…

the secure fast law firm cloud server is a cloud9 specialty

See: Cloud9 Law Firm Cloud Server Solutions

So what killed the in-house server and why the big push for cloud? First, lets debunk the common misconception that cloud is something new. It is a new technology for small to medium sized business owners because a decade ago, the SMB could not afford the benefits that cloud computing afforded large corporations; Including increased security, highly scalable environments, remote accessibility and decreased IT costs. 

With technology advancements, the cloud is now available to law firms of all sizes, which is why the law firm cloud server solution is fast becoming vogue.

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Free Webinar Wednesday January 14th:
– QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud

quickbooks online compared to quickbooks desktop

Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as he deep dives into QBD and QBO giving the pros and cons of both, and the radical nature of cloud-hosting QBD. This session will be followed by Q and A of QBD in the Cloud.


Intuit is really pushing its QuickBooks Online these days, but it isn’t a product that most financial pros are confident with.   

For many if not most QuickBooks professionals, using QuickBooks Desktop (for Windows, Mac is another story) for years, this is where our comfort zone is.  Intuit keeps attempting to push us out of that comfort zone.

They ARE Different!


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Cloud Computing Adoption Resistance
New Infographic: Boarding The Cloud-Wagon

cloud computing adoption, the time is nowCloud computing adoption, why are so many SMBs still waiting?

cloud computing adoption. at cloud9 real time we wrote the book.

Click to infographic

There are so many benefits that you have to ask yourself, what am I waiting for? Cloud computing is knocking at your door, and here are some of the most important reasons for you to open it:

  • Elimination of traditional business limitations
  • Improving business agility and responsiveness
  • Ensuring optimal competitiveness
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Decreased energy requirements

When we hear it said that cloud computing adoption is a synonym for business innovation, it’s not an exaggeration. After a successful cloud computing adoption you can focus entirely on your business and let the cloud computing support team take care of most IT related issues.

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Webinar Weds Jan 7th: The Digitized Tax Practice
- How Tax Season Is Made Easier With Cloud Computing

Tax Practice Cloud Hosting for serious digital tax practitioners

                                                  - Image credit: Fast Company

Cloud-based tax and accounting systems not only make life easier, a modern day practice can build new revenues and offer advanced technologies to clients. Join Robert J. Chandler, Cloud9’s CEO, on Weds January 7th as he covers best practices, lessons learned, and how to make tax season easier in 2015. He will review the latest and greatest in cloud computing tax and accounting tech and how Cloud9 clients are taking advantage of new technology to save time and money. Webinar will include a brief Q&A and all SMB owners and managers are welcome.

- Register for Webinar: Wed, Jan 7, 2015 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

2013 Readers' Choice for AccountingThe technological advances in tax and accounting practice cloud hosting have made in-house server and IT headaches a thing of the past. Hosting tax, accounting and business applications  through a managed service provider, gives accountants and business owners instant connectivity from any computer or tablet with internet access to their files, folders, data and applications.

- Register for Webinar: Wed, Jan 7, 2015 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

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Cloud Accounting Software Hosting
– 5 Good Reasons to Make the Switch in 2015

cloud accounting software hosting starts with cloud9 real time
Pondering the most efficient and affordable thing you might do to benefit
your business in 2015? Cloud accounting software hosting is number one …

The strikingly positive ratio of invested resources versus gained benefits beyond your most optimistic expectations with cloud accounting software should assuage any latent hesitation you may have in this matter. On the other hand, only cloud accounting software can ensure that your business is truly 21st century mobile.

See also: Cloud Accounting or Traditional Accounting?

With this in mind, without exaggeration cloud accounting has proven itself the single most powerful tool for dealing with seemingly endless and time consuming bookkeeping activities.

We could give 100 reasons to embrace cloud accounting software with your daily business routine in 2015 – but here are the five most beneficial ones to start -

  • Real time updated “true cash flow” – This means that cloud accounting software hosting can give you the decisive advantage in your business. The cloud-based accounting systems can provide you with accurate, reliable and real-time information about your business’s financial condition – the optimal way to ensure a proper basis for adequate business decisions.
  • Show me the money, now! – Statistics show you have to wait to get money due almost 41 days on average. Cloud accounting software hosting speeds up the cycle to less than 3-weeks’ time.

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Document Management Software:
Top 5 Benefits & Why DMS Should Be Your Next Decision

hosted document management software is a cloud9 specialtyHow should you effectively take care of your document files?
This is a critical issue for many professional service providers

Robust Document Management Software (or DMS) can bring order and structure into the cyber jungle of your business related data. Simply put, your business should be paperless, and your opportunities limitless. Here are five of the top reasons, why cloud-hosted Document Management Software should become your business process new best friend:

Why Document Management Software?

  • Create rapid-wins on your balance sheet: DMS frees up admin effort spent locating and retrieving documents. a cloud-based DMS will decrease reliance on both local-physical hardware and costly server licensing fees (reducing the business’s office space and IT spending requirements), and it also provides anytime/anywhere connection to critical files and docs.
  • Reduce overhead costs: A well-thought-out paperless system not only lowers man-hours, but it can reduce overhead expense by thirty percent to forty percent, including paper costs and document storage space. It can even positively impact on carbon credit.

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2014 Sage Small Business Accountants Index Released

Accounting software giant Sage has news for SMB owners:
  –  Their small business accountants are way behind the times.

sage small business accountants survey

Click for full report

A new Sage survey of small business accountants in America found that only ten percent of respondents adequately leverage the cloud and online services for real-time client collaboration. In other words, in an age of real-time business processes, most small business accountants bring production to a halt with in-person meetings, and needless stacks paper.

“Ten percent is a very low number, and it is concerning,” Jennifer Warawa, vice president and general manager of Sage Accountant Solutions, told Small Business Computing. “The rate of adoption is not where we need it to be. Businesses are moving faster than their accountants.”

Small Business Accountants: Mind the Cloud Gap

As Warawa noted, independent stores, cafes and professional services providers are stampeding to the cloud for cost-effective utilization of enterprise-level business competencies.

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Cloud Migration Assistance – No Pain, All Gain

cloud migration assistance is always provided by Cloud9 Real TimeWhile cloud technologies offer many valuable business related benefits,
 – full-scale cloud transition is not as easy as it may seem at first glance

Taking your first cloud migration steps can be a challenging proposition, especially for cloud newbies. Everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to cloud technology; more precisely cloud migration assistance.

See also: Small Business Cloud Migration (part 1)

Cloud migration is something your business can do itself, one way or another, with greater or lessor effort and required time. However, if you want to migrate to cloud for your business successfully, then cloud migration assistance should be your number one option. It’s not surprising that almost one in two business owners look for outside help and guidance during the cloud migration and transition process. There may be too many new, unfamiliar aspects for your IT staff and infrastructure to handle successfully while introducing the cloud into your business and IT process initially.

Cloud migration assistance can easily be the cheapest and most efficient way to go through this critical period smoothly and with no pain at all.

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Free Webinar Weds Dec 17th 11AM-12PM:
Make Your Business More Profitable w/ Cloud Computing

5 cloud 2
Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as he runs down
the fundamental aspects of how Cloud can make your business more profitable

Register for Webinar Wednesday 12/17 @ 11AM-12PM PST
– Make Your Business more Profitable w/ Cloud Computing

The advantages of moving to the cloud are apparent across many industries and in businesses big and small. Cloud-hosting solutions are a major way to trim down costs. The monthly reduction in maintenance and other IT costs will deliver a real return-on-investment in businesses, especially small businesses. Turn your IT hours, back into billable hours.

Register for Webinar Wednesday 12/17 @ 11AM-12PM PST
– Make Your Business more Profitable w/ Cloud Computing

Considering the robust adoption of cloud computing among organizations around the world, how do we realize real business value from these new technologies? Simply stated, cloud computing has the potential to accelerate the economics of your business, offering key business benefits from a capital and operations-related expense perspective.

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Cloud Accounting Technology Advantages
New Infographic: The Evolution of Accounting

Modern cloud accounting technology is evolving quickly
Modern accounting is evolving quickly, directly correlated to the
increased demands that accounting firms are now responding to …

cloud accounting technology is evolving infographic

Click for infographic

Today, practice clients not only desire more and better but they are also open to trying new modalities of working – using Skype, virtual CFOs, daily reports and rolling forecasts, for instance. Concurrently, accounting firm costs are rising and often partner profits are down. For these reasons, firms that depend on compliance work and paying significantly for desktop software are particularly succumbing to competition from more agile competitors.

See also: Cloud Accounting or Traditional Accounting?

Cloud Accounting Technology Factors

The biggest factors contributing to the rapid increase in cloud accounting technology include the possibility to cut practice overheads like travel and data input costs, as well as improved service and increased client satisfaction.

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CPA Technology Change – Not Just Another Cloud App

cpa technologyPull together an array of cloud accounting and CPA technology authorities in a room, and there’ll be much differing of opinion about the speed of change among accounting practices and its implications.

cpa technology slide presentation

Click for presentation

That’s basically what Bob Scott of Progressive Accountant did in a recent special update about the cloud and CPA technology, in which he interviewed a cross-section of thought-leaders in the profession, including AICPA president, Erik Asgeirsson.

 CPA Technology Consensus

There is one area of CPA technology consensus, Bob found: “There is no doubt that Internet-based software is fundamentally changing organizations and how they conduct business.”

At Cloud9 Real Time, we concur. We believe that cloud computing and related emergent CPA technology make client accounting services a tremendous growth opportunity for practices.

Rick Armstrong, for example, is using our accounting partner virtual server solution to offer QuickBooks and other application hosting, outsourced management and virtual-CFO solutions: 

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Moving To Cloud Computing –
– What You Need To Know And Do

The Cloud World Forum, held earlier this year, was nothing short of exciting.
Here’s one of the most common questions we heard from SMBs while there:

What sort of a learning curve is involved when moving to cloud computing?

Not every company requires High Performance Computing, but every company can benefit from the cloud without exaggeration. Moving to Cloud computing makes it easy for SMB owners to take advantage of the latest technologies without spending a fortune on expensive computer hardware, software and IT specialization.

Top 6 Benefits of Moving to Cloud Computing

  • Email Communication – With cloud computing you can access your emails from virtually any place and anytime. In addition, with cloud corporate email service becomes a more reliable one.
  • Reduced Need For Local Storage – Once your business finishes moving to cloud computing, you can access your data from any device you use. Forget about local storage.

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Webinar Thurs Dec 11: 7 Steps to Cloud Business Success

7 steps to cloud business success
Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as
he runs down 7 steps for adopting the cloud for your business.

Register for Webinar Thursday 12/11 @ 11AM-12PM PST
Cloud Checklist: 7 Steps Cloud Business Success

cloud business success is coming in wavesCloud Computing has great strides in the business world in recent years. Moving to the cloud offers many benefits for businesses, including reduced costs and improved productivity, but, before adopting cloud business success solutions, companies should carefully consider what effective cloud computing will look like at their organization.

Register for Webinar Thursday 12/11 @ 11AM-12PM PST
Cloud Checklist: 7 Steps Cloud Business Success

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QuickBooks Remote Access Alert:
Webex Service to be Discontinued in January

quickbooks remote access bombshellIntuit Drops a Bombshell! – “After much consideration, we’ve made a very difficult decision to discontinue our QuickBooks Remote Access service. All subscriptions and support will end on January 31, 2015.”


What you need to know now:

  • After December 31, 2014, no new QuickBooks Remote Access subscriptions will be sold and existing subscribers may no longer make changes to their subscription levels.
  • One month after your December billing date your service will be cancelled automatically, unless you have chosen to cancel sooner. The Remote Access Closure FAQs include instructions to determine your billing date.
  • After January 31, 2015, all service and technical support for QuickBooks Remote Access will cease.

QuickBooks Remote Access is being Retired, What Now?

The answer is Cloud9 Real Time, the accounting industry’s most award-winning Application Hosting Service Provider (ASP) deploying a platform that is Secure, Seamless and Simple. Providing users with the benefits of a custom environment, Cloud9 does not limit its clients on what they can host. Instead, we listen and deliver! We build a custom solution for your business and then integrate your different desktop applications with your SaaS solutions (online apps) to give you an all in one virtual office solution with singular sign on.

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New White Paper: Cloud Based Archiving Solutions

“Cloud based archiving provides both defense and savings”

cloud based archiving white paper

Click for white paper

There are many of ways to rationalize the price of cloud based archiving solutions. Osterman Research recently produced a new white paper with three “before and after” examples that explore a variety of scenarios for archiving and how it helps to reduce corporate costs.

Staff sometimes delete content that they will need at a future date, such as Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, emails – they have spent considerable time writing an email with a compelling communication to a prior customer, or a presentation, and poof!

Let’s assume a 16-person firm and each needs to recover just 1.5 documents per month. This results in a total of 300 documents that need to be recovered annually (16 employees x 1.5 documents per month x 12 months).  Assume that IT requires an average of only 20 minutes to recover each document from backup. Assuming that IT might even have the bandwidth to recover all of these documents, IT will spend a total of 65 hours annually (300 documents x 20 minutes per document) recovering this content. The total IT cost of document recovery, therefore, will be $5,000 ($50/hr).

cloud based archiving is very cost effectiveAssume that a cost-effective cloud based archiving solution has been configured to allow individual users to recover their own content. Assume that five minutes will be needed to recover a document and that the average staff salary is $60 per hour, then the total cost of staff recovering their own documents is $1,500 annually (300 documents x five minutes of recovery per document x $60 per hour). Annual savings compared to IT recovering the lost docs is $3,500. Factor in the cost of the archiving system (average of $1,000 per year) and the cost savings from end-user access to the archive is still a significant $2,500 annually.

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Cloud Computing Innovation: Six Key Aspects

6 aspects of cloud computing innovation
Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations
and schools and universities are off to the cloud.

Cloud computing innovation is rapidly transforming the business workplace as increasing abundance of data is being generated and stored. Business software applications are being accessed via anywhere and everywhere and the way workers are accomplishing their job duties is changing. The cloud era is here to stay and it’s changing how professionals manage their companies.

It can be overwhelming to find the right service that fits your business. That’s where this primer comes in.

Connecting your business to cloud computing innovation

SMB owners are fully aware that they’re in a desperate need for solutions that can deal successfully with the growing pressures of immense data flow and constantly changing working environs. Cloud computing innovation can easily turn out to be the right thing to embrace.

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