Cloud Hosted CRM Systems
Infographic: How and Why this is a Game Changer


cloud hosted CRM can revolutionize your businessSimply put, cloud hosted CRM is becoming a game-changer -
– it’s easy to see why, as the infographic below demonstrates

Many companies rightly identify their customer relationship management (CRM) system as an essential business tool. And in 2014, mobile friendly cloud hosted CRM systems are projected to increase in use over five-fold. 

cloud hosted CRM customer lifecycle trackingAnd because certain cloud service providers can set up and maintain the CRM system, firms are able to concentrate on what matters most—the content and services that the CRM system provides. From lowered operational costs to the capability to track the entire customer lifecycle, the benefits of cloud hosted CRM are plentiful.

What can cloud hosted CRM do for your SMB?

Optimally deployed, the right cloud hosted CRM systems help businesses keep track of their customers and provide more efficient ways to market and sell to them.

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Cloud-Based Tax Practice Guide –
– Leveraging Digital Tax Document Automation


cloud-based tax practice document automation is DA bomb!Cloud-based tax preparation document automation solutions allow
practices to move into entirely cloud-based tax practice modalities

digital tax prep guideTax preparation has evolved considerably from the old era of service bureaus, couriers and paper forms. Computer-based tax applications permitted tax returns to be prepared entirely in-house. And now, thanks to advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), source documents like W-2s, K1s and brokerage statements can be scanned and automatically bookmarked and organized.  From that the critical tax data can be directly exported to tax software without redundant manual entry.

- See also: White Paper: Digital Tax Practice Cloud

If your goal is improved efficiency, the time and work you save not needing to organize your files and data into tax software is crucial, but it isn’t the most critical part of a modern cloud-based tax practice.

Cloud-Based Tax Practice Files and Workflow

With most cloud-based tax practice document automation systems the process begins like this: First you scan the paper docs from your tax client and then you process the scanned files through OCR.  The end result is an organized PDF file that can be opened in a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF.  

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AICPA Files Suit Against The IRS –
Association Seeks to Halt Arbritrary Tax Preparer Rules


aicpa lawsuit aginst IRS announcedAmerica’s biggest trade group of CPAs & accounting professionals
has drawn a line into the sand against the Internal Revenue Service

Barry Melancon AICPA PresidentThe IRS’s new rule regulating tax return preparers is an unlawful exercise of government power,” Barry Melancon, president of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), said in a statement.At a minimum, the IRS must conduct a legitimate notice-and-comment rulemaking before proceeding.”

Yesterday, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) sued the Internal Revenue Service in federal court, stating that the Agency’s recent launch of a new so-called “voluntary” tax preparer regulation scheme is not lawful. The AICPA has been quite adamant on this position over the past several months , saying that it constitutes “de facto mandatory.”

The AICPA has been a steadfast supporter of the IRS’s overall goals of enhancing compliance by tax return preparers and elevating ethical conduct,” said Melancon..  But Melancon also posits that this issue crosses the line.

By implementing a purportedly ‘voluntary’ program that is mandatory in effect, the rule is an end-run around Loving v. IRS, a federal court ruling which struck down the IRS’s earlier attempt to regulate tax return preparers,” Melancon continued. “The IRS simply does not have the authority to proceed with the new rule. By doubling the number of categories of tax return preparers to eight, the rule will also confuse consumers. Worse yet, the new rule will do nothing to address the problem of unethical or fraudulent tax return preparers – which should be a top priority.

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Small Business Managed Cloud Services:
For Startups & Entrepreneurs The Future Is Now


small business managed cloud services are explodingSavvy entrepreneurs are increasingly adopting cloud computing technology,
enjoying efficiencies that were previously available only to the largest of firms.

See also: Cloud Summit 2014, Not Just For Accountants Anymore!

cloud summit explains paperless office steps

New businesses must carefully manage their resources, which is why smart small business and startup managers and owners should be mindful of strategies and technologies that provide maximum productivity from limited time and resources. 

Small business managed cloud services both reduce equipment and IT support expenditure and are cheaper in the long run. Further, small business managed cloud services are rapidly advancing with each passing month.

Managing your small business IT in-house is both draining and risky (you could lose your data!). Conversely, small business managed cloud services, maintained by a team of professionals, can provide outstanding monetary and technological advantages, as shown in the Balboa Capital infographic. Here are just some of the benefits small business owners/managers and entrepreneurs realize using managed cloud services.

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Cloud Summit, Not Just For Accountants Anymore -
Small Business & Entrepreneur Record Turnout Expected



cloud summit for small businesses and entrepreneurs…. Schedule .. Speakers .. Sponsors .. Special Events .. Hotel .. Register
Cloud is revolutionizing small business and lowering IT costs while upgrading the
software and technology that are rapidly becoming available to small companies …

benefits of cloud summit for small biz are evident…which, until recently, was reserved for the bigger players. The cloud has changed the way individuals and organizations of all sizes leverage technology.

Here Comes Cloud Summit 2014!

The 5th Annual Summit is an exclusive cloud conference for service practices, business owners, entrepreneurs, accounting and legal pros, and existing cloud users, to learn of the latest in cloud business solutions.
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New Infographic: SMB Cloud Computing Benefits


Adopting new technologies can be a challenge for many SMBs
 - this is where SMB cloud computing benefits can really shine

SMB Cloud Computing benefits infographic

Click for infographic

Smart business owners and managers will ensure that their SMB cloud migration will be relatively easy to integrate into the workplace and that it is a value-added alternative to previous ways of accomplishing tasks and generating workflow.

SMB Cloud Computing Benefits & Advantages

SMBs comprise the majority of businesses today, and most cloud based applications available today are slated toward the SMB market.  Accounting, Storage, Backup services are just a few of them. 

The cloud benefits infographic below, created by insurance giant Towergate, gives insight into SMB cloud computing benefits and uses, as well as pointers for a successful smooth implementation by your company.

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Free Webinar Thurs July 17th:
- 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Evolve Your Business


cloud computing will evolve your businessBy taking advantage of cloud computing services SMBs now reap the benefits of not having to invest in a physical infrastructure like in-house servers. Additionally, the anytime, anywhere availability of these solutions leads to a hassle-free collaboration among business partners, employees, and clients. 

Join Michael Giardina (Office Tools CEO) and Robert Chandler (Cloud9 CEO) for a
free informative webinar on
5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Evolve Your Business.

> Register: Thursday, July 17, 2014 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

  • What is the Cloud?
  • How to Grow your business with Cloud Computing.
  • 5 advantages of a Cloud Strategy.
  • Preparing for the Future of the Cloud.

Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as he evaluates the current cloud solutions available to help your company run securely, with more flexibility, while attaining higher profits.  Robert will be sharing his top 5 secrets that have helped thousands of businesses find success when adapting a cloud strategy.  Robert will also be looking into the future and giving his predictions of where the market is moving, what it means to your business, and how to stay ahead of the curve.

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New Report from Deloitte –
– The Cloud-Based Accounting Revolution


cloud-based accounting revolution report from deloitte
The coming year will be a defining time for businesses adopting digital technology

– SMBs, failing to leap, risk missing out on the cloud-based accounting revolution

In a recent report from Deloitte, Harnessing The ‘Bang’, Stories From The Digital Frontline, Deloitte updated its assessment of the effect of digital disruption, underscoring that the speed of change is accelerating and impacting businesses big and small across Australia and the world.

cloud-based accounting revolution report download here

Click for report

The next twelve months will be a turning point for SMBs; whether they embrace the digital disruption or not. Current research on cloud computing highlighted that nearly 70 per cent of businesses are still not utilizing cloud technology in a fundamental manner.

Thus two thirds of business owners are failing to capitalize on a key fundamental strategy of competitive advantage: cloud-based accounting.

This hesitancy among SMB owners and managers may be attributed to the fact that many are simply not cognizant of how far such technologies have advanced during the past 48 months and thereby unmindful of the positive influence cloud technologies can have on their business.

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Joe Woodard Added as Cloud Summit Keynote Speaker


Joe Woodward keynote speaker at Cloud Summit 2014

CEO of National Advisor Network, Scaling New Heights, and Woodard
Consulting Bringing Fresh Perspective on Accounting Technologies

joe woodward to speak at cloud9 2014 summit

Joe Woodward

Joe Woodard, the highly regarded expert in everything QuickBooks related, will be presenting on A Paradigm Shift: The Impact of Data Automation on Accounting in San Diego, California on September 19, 2014.

The 5th annual Cloud Summit is an exclusive Cloud Computing conference for professional practices, business owners, Accounting Professionals, and Cloud users to learn about the latest tech advances in virtual solutions. Content focused tracks offering CPEc, Cloud Summit 2014 is a value added event with measurable results; over 97% of the 2013 Attendees would recommend Summit to colleagues.

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Webinar Thurs July 10th: Avoiding Sales & Use Tax Audit
– Automated Sales Tax Compliance in Hosted Accounting


webinar Automating Sales Tax is a breeze

The most dreaded words in business might very well be “Sales Tax Audit.”  Why?  Because Sales and use tax compliance is almost impossible to manage well. Determining which items are taxable in which states is a challenge and relying on zip codes can get you in trouble when the auditor comes knocking.

Cloud9 Free automating sales tax webinarsRegister for Free Webinar -
Determining & Automating Sales Tax 
– with Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks on Cloud9
Thurs July 10th, 2014 @  9- 10am PDT

“I’m not talking about that tablet sized mobile device that goes by the same name.  I’m talking about the tax law concept of ‘state tax nexus‘ – one that if ignored, can literally cause a company to shut down and its owners to possibly even face jail time!”-
– Sylvia Dion / What Is Sales Tax Nexus?

Automating sales tax: Sales and use tax compliance is almost impossible to manage well. Determining which items are taxable in which states is a challenge and relying on zip codes can get you in trouble when the auditor comes knocking.

Register for Free Webinar -
Determining & Automating Sales Tax 
– with Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks on Cloud9
Thurs July 10th, 2014 @  9-10am PDT

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The Future of Work From A Cloud Computing Perspective


the future of work is here and now in the cloudWithout a doubt, the cloud has impacted the future of work, making our business lives easier, encompassing everything from virtually unlimited email storage to access-from-anywhere enterprise resource planning.” *

*Source: Jon Roskill / CloudTweaks

future of work in cloud computing

Click for report

It’s not surprising that the 2014 cloud computing research IDG survey revealed that over 80 percent of firms polled run at least one cloud-based application. The future of work in the cloud allows companies to focus on their core strengths, and for the majority of business owners, this isn’t operating and maintaining servers or email exchanges; if another can do it better and cheaper, that’s great news. In recent years, businesses have put more trust and resources into the cloud, and it’s altered the nature of work in many ways, for the best.

The future of work grants us more time.

Cloud hosted software runs online through a third-party provider, and users access it via their web browser. Users don’t need to install it, maintain it, upgrade it, or worry about data security. Users don’t need to set up more servers to run new software or to store more data. 

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Cloud9 Real Time & National Advisor Network Announce -
– ‘App Academy’ w/ Webinar Series for Intuit ProAdvisors


cloud9 partners with nanCloud9 Real Time, the leader in cloud server solutions for accounting firms, professional practices and SMBs, announced that it has joined with the National Advisor Network (‘NAN’) App Academy to co-host 12 monthly webinars.

cloud9 and nan add app academyThe NAN App Academy provides members with an on-going in-depth examination of QuickBooks-integrated solutions for Intuit and accounting advisors to stay informed about software recommendations vital to business owner clients.

joe woodward to speak at cloud9 2014 summit

Joe Woodward

“Robert Chandler’s Cloud9 Real Time virtual server solution has captured the center-space in a burgeoning universe of accounting technology solutions, reducing IT costs and buttressing vital data security,” said NAN’s CEO, Joe Woodward.  “Having Rob to co-host monthly software and technology webinars is a huge advantage for NAN members!”

“Joe Woodward’s National Advisor Network has become THE place for Intuit ProAdvisors and accountants to explore and learn about the explosion of time and security-saving accounting and business management technologies,” said Damon Gage, VP Sales at Cloud9 Real Time. “We are delighted to be part of Joe’s educational vision!”

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SME Cloud Computing – The Silver Lining


SME Cloud Computing – The Silver LiningMany businesses live and breathe the digital revolution … 

…. and intelligent smaller companies that use web-based tools manage their core business optimally: to reduce costs, reach clients and suppliers, innovate and gain greater control. Many more, however, are lagging behind, according to a new discussion paper from Australia’s Grattan Institute. Although the report focused on Australian businesses the parallels to North America are striking. 

SME Cloud Computing Has A Sliver Lining

SMEs are the engine of the economy, employing two-thirds of private sector workers and contributing half of private sector GDP. Yet many SMEs experience low productivity and, lacking access to more capital and consulting services, are slower than larger firms to take up innovations.

Presently, smart mobile devices, e-commerce, cloud computing and other online innovations proffer opportunities for firms of all sizes. Cloud computing – the delivery of on-demand information technology services over the Web– is a case in point for how digital technologies can benefit smaller firms. This paper examines issues raised at a conference run by Grattan and Google on how government and business can accelerate the advance of SME cloud computing.

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Easy Paperless Office Steps –
Tips For Digitizing Your Mountain of Paper


Paperless StepsC
From email to snail-mail the volume of data SMBs are
accumulating is stacking up at an unprecedented rate…

… here are three easy paperless office steps:

Many SMBs are still dependent on physical file cabinets, paper shredders and manila folders to organize all those documents. While that may save a little capital in the short term, digitizing all of that data will insure that it’s preserved for years into the future.

See also: White Paper on Cloud-Based Document Management

cloud summit explains paperless office steps“Regardless of where your business operates in North America you are still statistically prone towards some sort of disaster,” says Eric Pulaski, president and CEO of SmartVault, a leading digital document management solution. “There’s a definite hard cost to your business if it can’t access its data, or it’s permanently lost or corrupted.”

Converting to paperless may appear a daunting task, which why approximately 80% of small businesses have yet to fully depart from paper. But strides in cloud computing have reduced the capital outlay for SMBs, rendering a move to paperless a cost effective prospect. 

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QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments Announced by Intuit


QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments — a new add-on that will allow businesses to accept Bitcoin Intuit, the company behind incredibly popular tax and accounting software products like TurboTax, QuickBooks,, and many more announced this week that it’s jumping aboard the Bitcoin locomotive with QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments.

intuit labs' new QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments system will be released soon.Revealed in a post on the Intuit Lab Experiments area of the company’s website, Intuit announced a new service aptly named QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments — a new add-on that will allow businesses to accept Bitcoin without ever having to create a Bitcoin wallet or handle the ‘crypto-currency’ directly.

“Small businesses just want to get paid. Cash is troublesome to keep track of, checks have lots of friction (writing, mailing, depositing) and card transactions have high fees,” Intuit wrote.

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Business Application Cloud Hosting
– Why You Should Seriously Consider it Now

Jennifer Katrulya explains business application cloud hosting

Jennifer Katrulya CPA & Accounting Technologist

It is difficult  to envision a business that does not require ongoing IT support, in our digital age,” writes CPA and accounting technologist Jennifer Katrulya in a blog post last year. For this reason she concludes that one of the best IT business values going today is ‘business application cloud hosting.’

See also: 
Cloud Accounting & Practice Marketing Visionaries 
To Present Compelling Keynotes At Cloud Summit 14

There are so many considerations on how small companies should deploy an IT infrastructure that it is often  a daunting task to figure out what is the optimal arrangement for the business.  Business application cloud hosting, an aspect of SMB cloud computing, is one of the most rapidly accelerating sectors in the IT arena, and here are 3 reasons why Katrulya believes it’s imperative that your company consider application hosting for its IT requirements.

Katrulya’s 3 Reasons for Business Application Cloud Hosting -

1. Business Cloud Hosting is Very Cost Effective

application cloud hosting from cloud9 saves 70% over in-house servers

Unlike with setting it up on your own in-house server, the setup costs of an application hosting array are covered by the cloud hosting company. It is estimated that a host can save you up to 70 percent on the costs of setting up and maintaining your own server. Some reports suggest that organizations waste 80 percent of their IT expenses on necessary maintenance alone.

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