Cloud Computing Technology Infographic:
SMB State of Data Backup Storage & Disaster Readiness

cloud computing technology infographicInstead of a soft cumulus white cloud image, the cloud computing business should use a hurricane – that’s the best way to visualize how rapidly cloud computing technology is expanding today.

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cloud computing technology infographic thumbnailCloud Computing Technology Statistics

To hear Jack Woods at Silicon Angle, there’s some sobering growth forecasted and he lists 20 recent cloud computing statistics you can utilize to build your case for why your company or practice needs the cloud or to appreciate why you should consider it immediately.

If your business isn’t using cloud computing technology, you risk dropping behind in the marketplace. Cloud computing technology makes it simpler to manage, share and store content and data, and the statistics show that your competitors have most likely already moved to the cloud or are about to make the leap.

Recent Cloud Computing Technology Growth Forecasts

Gartner forecasts that global IT expenditure will likely surpass $3.7 trillion this year, and the senior analyst at IDC estimates that ninety percent of the growth fueling the IT industry from 2013 to 2020 will be determined by mobile, social, cloud and big-data technologies.

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Webinar Weds April 23rd:
– Automating Sales Tax Compliance in Hosted QuickBooks

webinar Automating Sales Tax is a breeze

“Nexus! It’s a term you may or may not be familiar with.  And, no, I’m not talking about that tablet sized mobile device that goes by the same name.  I’m talking about the tax law concept of ‘state tax nexus‘ – one that if ignored, can literally cause a company to shut down and its owners to possibly even face jail time!”
——-– Sylvia Dion CPA MBA / What Is The Sales Tax Nexus?

Cloud9 Free automating sales tax webinars

Sales and use tax compliance is almost impossible to manage well. Determining which items are taxable in which states is a challenge and relying on zip codes can get you in trouble when the auditor comes knocking.

Register for Free Webinar -
Determining & Automating Sales Tax For Your Small Business
– within QuickBooks Cloud-Hosted on Cloud9 Real Time
Weds April 23, 2014 @  9- 10am Pacific Time

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New Accounting Technology Report
– What Do SMBs Really Want From Their CPAs?

New Accounting Technology Report What Do SMBs Want

A new accounting technology report, What SMBs Want (from Their CPA), was compiled by The Sleeter Group in its ongoing endeavor to provide guidance in technology leadership for financial practices and SMBs in general.

“Small business owners are challenged with continually changing competition and are seeking ways to get ahead and stay ahead, and they expect their accounting professional to help them meet rise to the challenge.” – What SMBs Want (free download)

download accounting technology report

Sleeter Group isolated the key trends occurring in what SMBs seek from their outsource accounting professionals. Often, there’s a chasm between what businesses seek from their accountant and what they believe their CPA actually provides, particularly in the area of business and accounting technology advice.

The questions for Sleeter’s new accounting technology report research were focused on grasping how professional practices presently work with their clients versus how SMBs wish to work with their accountant. It covers the varieties of services provided by accounting firms and the types of services SMBs actually desire.

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Office Tools Professional & Cloud9 Announce Partnership!

office tools professional cloud9 partnershipOffice Tools Professional, provider of Practice Management software, Practice Management Conferences, and publisher of My Office Today magazine, has just announced their partnership with Cloud9 Real Time, the award winning cloud hosting company of Accounting and Tax firms.

Office Tools Professional, a premier provider of professional practice management software solutions, recently announced a partnership with Cloud9 Real Time, the top-awarded Cloud Hosting provider for over 500 applications, which includes Office Tools Professional products.  In addition to application hosting, Cloud9 is a licensed Commercial Host of Intuit, providing QuickBooks hosting, in a collaborative environment for Accountants and their clients to share QuickBooks company files. Mutual customers will see immediate benefits as both companies have agreed to share technical knowledge. This partnership will also allow prospective marketing services to new and existing clients for each company. 

- See also: Cloud Based Office Tools Professional Hosting

“Office Tools Professional is always striving to provide greater value to its clients through strategic partnerships with accounting industry companies.  Cloud9 Real Time has its roots in our industry, which will increase the synergy and adaptability between our companies,” explains Michael Giardina, CEO of Office Tools Professional.   “When partners put their heads together great things are possible and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

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Cloud9 Heartbleed Bug Update

Cloud9 Heartbleed Bug UpdateBy now you have heard of the Heartbleed Bug and the information security risks that are associated with it. Cloud9 Real Time is taking this threat super-seriously, and as such we wanted to provide you with comprehensive details about the security measures that we have in place to protect your valuable data. We also want to provide you with best practices for your other online activity that may help in limiting your personal vulnerability to the Heartbleed Bug:

Q: Is my data stored on Cloud9 servers vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug?

A: No it is NOT! We have confirmed with our SSL issuer that our SSL certification and servers are not at risk. ONLY web servers and companies utilizing OpenSSL and/or running a Linux OS are at risk, and Cloud9 was NOT built upon and has NEVER used OpenSSL for any of its SSL Security and has NEVER utilized a Linux OS server.

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Webinar Wed April 9th:
Anytime/Anywhere QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud

Accounting Hosting Cloud Webinar the future of QuickBooks QuickBooks 2014 desktop versions and 500+ other business applications
via customized, managed cloud hosting is a real game changer. What else is in store?
Join the Cloud9 Webinar and get up to speed fast!

Register for Webinar -
QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud
Wed April 9th, 2014 @ 10am Pacific Time

Intuit has many options for small to medium sized business owners in terms of accounting software choices including different flavors and versions of QuickBooks Desktop such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Premier Accountants Edition, POS and Enterprise 2014 are now all available in the United States to host AND Lease! Save time and money while gaining the benefits of working in the Cloud. Find out on this free webinar, the new features of QuickBooks 2014 and how you can Lease all the versions of QuickBooks desktop editions, have anytime, anywhere access while turning all the IT responsibilities like backups, updates, server maintenance etc to Cloud9.

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SMB Cloud Success Underscored by New Trends Study

cloud computing smb cloud success

A new study from Techaisle shows SMB cloud success is growing for small and medium size businesses, and it’s just the beginning as cloud computing adoption rates continue rising.

smb cloud success

SMB Cloud Success Underscored

SMB cloud success is underscored by 80% of SMBs in North America now indicating that cloud computing adds to continued business growth, according to a new investigation from Techaisle. This is a big departure from earlier years, when the focus was primarily on reducing IT expenditures. The report results indicate that cloud computing providers and resellers should rightly expand their sales presentations with prospective customers beyond the cost and capex vs. opex motivations for moving to cloud computing, concentrating more on the business value proposition of cloud-based services:

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Cloud Summit 2014 – San Diego Cloud Computing Event


San Diego cloud computing event 2014

Clear your calendar for September 17-19, 2014 and join hundreds of Cloud users, accounting professionals, CPAs and business owners to maximize your Cloud investment. Co-hosted by the BMRG Advisory Group, Cloud9 Real Time, Insperity Financial Services and CloudSway, this cloud computing event will answer the questions you have (and the ones you haven’t thought of) about virtual financial and business management, preparing you for major growth and change. 

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The 8 Most Read Cloud9 Blog Posts for 2013

best cloud computing posts of 2013What subjects and articles were our readers following last year? Take a another look at our 8 most popular Cloud9 blog posts in 2013. Some of these saw their traffic buoyed by good search visibility while others enjoyed better social media popularity.

The top Cloud9 blog posts for 2013 in reverse order:

Doug Sleeter cloud computing moving office to cloud with Cloud9 blog posts#8: Sleeter Moves to Cloud, How & Why
When does one consider moving office to cloud? Business owners and practice managers are all abuzz about moving their office to cloud computing as though one could just wiggle their nose (apologies to Samantha and Jeannie) and instantly switch from software to paperless workflow systems. However the reality for most businesses and practices is that moving office to cloud, regardless of how motivated, will take some strategic planning.

#7: Interest in Paperless Law Firm Capabilities Picking Up
Recent studies show that law firms are more and more embracing technology as the key differentiator in a competitive market for the paperless law firm storing files digitally is less expensive, more convenient, and more eco-friendly than printing and stacking boxes of paper files

office wifi password hacking cloud9 blog posts#6: Office WiFi Security is Vulnerable to Hacking, How?
A past article in Ars Technica rekindled a healthy a nerve with many professionals and business owners regarding general password and office WiFi security…  Passwords are the keys that secure virtually everything nowadays. Use a weak password and the outcome could be disastrous.  And one of the areas where passwords are the weakest are the standard issue office and home WiFi networks now universally ubiquitous.

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Webinar Feb 5th: Easy Steps to Online Accounting Success
- The 5 Best Practices for Moving Tax Season to the Cloud

Tax Practice Cloud Hosting for serious digital tax practitioners

                                                  - Image credit: Fast Company

The cloud is here now, and it has been for awhile. If you’re still pushing through tax season on excess paper and in-house server this webinar is for you. Online accounting systems not only make life easier, they allow the modern day practice to build new revenue sources and offer advanced technologies to clients. Robert J. Chandler, author of Together In The Cloud and president/ceo of the industry’s premier-rated online practice and IT solutions, will explain the cloud for novices and veterans alike. Webinar will include a brief Q&A and all SMB owners and managers are welcome.

- Register for Webinar: Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 @ 10-11am PST

2013 Readers' Choice for AccountingThe technological advances in tax and accounting practice cloud hosting have made in-house server and IT headaches a thing of the past. Hosting tax, accounting and business applications  through a managed service provider, gives accountants and business owners instant connectivity from any computer or tablet with internet access to their files, folders, data and applications.

- Register for Webinar: Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 @ 10-11am PST

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Infographic: Cloud Accounting Software
– Why You Should Move Accounting to Cloud in 2014

cloud accounting software infographic

Infograph source: Sage UK

Cloud accounting has become the cutting edge of paperless professional practice applications in recent years, with increasing numbers of businesses selecting to move to the cloud in order to make the most of the benefits cloud accounting software and cloud computing has to offer.

If you are thinking about moving to cloud computing and cloud accounting software, we have included an infographic from Sage that examines the wins that businesses have already received after embracing everything cloud and the benefits that can make the most of by adopting a cloud-based practice approach. Also shown are some of the common phobias about cloud computing and cloud accounting, which include security and privacy concerns, in order to give you a comprehensive review before you take the leap.

Cloud Accounting Software Efficiencies 

Any business manager understands that bookkeeping and accounting are important components of operation that require time and energy away otherwise spent on the revenue-generating aspects of the business.

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How Business Application Hosting Minimizes Headaches

In recent years, cloud-hosted virtual server solutions and services have accelerated in popularity, for good reason, and many or most SMBs and financial firms are at least investigating this new paradigm for financial, business and IT management.

Business application hosting provides that your company’s business software applications and data are kept online in high-security datacenters rather than installed locally on your laptop or office server computer. Cloud-based application hosting from Cloud9 Real Time provides a range of advantages that your business can realize near instantly.

Reduced Business Application Maintenance

Application maintenance responsibilities, including security patches, the testing and deployment of which are handled by Cloud9 Real Time, is a fundamental business application hosting advantage.

Cloud9 virtual server and business software hosting solutions enable you to leverage, integrate, customize and deploy business applications as your business requires, and are fully supported by industry-recognized security and disaster recovery standards; delivering great flexibility, amelioration of risk, capital savings and rapid access to your office data and software.

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Webinar Thurs Dec 19th: Enjoy Total Peace-of-Mind
– Essentials of a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Business data disasters come in many different forms:

Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Fires and floods and hurricanes oh my! Could your business survive a disaster? Join Cloud9 Real Time and learn how to put a business disaster recovery plan and cloud strategy in place and how it could save your business during a worst case scenario.

Free Webinar | Plan for the Worst
- How to Avert Disaster with a Cloud Strategy

Thurs Dec 19, 2013 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST

Local server crashes, hard drive failures, disgruntled employees and of course the all too unfortunate natural disasters. When the storm hits – how prepared is your business or practice? And what about your clients or customers?

Every company should have a Business Disaster Recovery Plan.
– Here are the essentials to get you started:

1. Offsite backup of all business data. Tape backups are not reliable. Backups need to be regularly scheduled and automatic.

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Webinar: Ditch That Old Office Server
– Get A Virtual Private Server Before Next Tax Season!

Virtual private office servers for anytime anywhere connectivityCloud-hosted virtual private servers are challenging the innate limits of 20th century localized computers

… while maintaining a familiar appearance and settings you’re comfortable with.

Register for Webinar Tues Dec 3rd @ 9AM-10AM
Move your Server to the Cloud Before Next Tax Season!

Cloud Computing Virtual Private Server SolutionsBulky, localized “physical” office servers are quickly entering obsolescence.  Cloud9 virtual private servers, with full IT support, lower annual net effective technology costs while increasing efficiency and productivity.  With a virtual private server, your computer is in the cloud.  What you see on your monitor is actually the processing happening off-site in a super-secure environment with redundant backup and near immediate disaster recovery.

With a virtual private server the local computer limitations of PC resources vanish while continuing to preserve a personalized look and settings that are familiar. Your virtual private server in the cloud is an enhanced strategy for the management of business computer resources that simplifies IT and enhances end-user experience.

Register for Webinar Tues Dec 3rd @ 9AM-10AM
Move your Server to the Cloud Before Next Tax Season!

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Take a Section 179 Software Tax Deduction in 2013

Section 179 cloud software tax deduction 2013

A software tax deduction afforded by IRC Section 179 has been enhanced for 2013.

Remember Section 179 this year and get your new software tax deduction if you purchase additional applications before year’s end.  

This little enhancement of the IRC is a great tax advantage presently available for small business owners. Section 179 doesn’t increase the total amount you can deduct, but it provides for the entire depreciation deduction in one year, rather than a little at a time over the term of the asset’s in service life.

If you have been considering adding or changing software to increase productivity and streamline the operations for your business, you may find 2013 is the right time to do this.  Although software cost is generally amortized over a 36 month period, if purchased or financed  in 2013, software costing up to $500,000 may be deductible against income this year.

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Better iPad Cloud Computing with ‘C9 Mobile!’

cloud9 ipad cloud computing app download at app storeiPad Cloud Computing Just Got Better!

Cloud9 Real Time has announced the release of C9 Mobile, its new mobile app download via iTunes that delivers true iPad Cloud Computing by giving users access to all of their desktop software applications via iPad or iPad Mini. 

…… See also - iPad Your Practice for Productivity!

QuickBooks desktop using iPad cloud computing from Cloud9

C9 Mobile enables the Cloud9 platform for iPad users to easily access their hosted applications, connect with tech support, submit tickets, add users, etc.

Cloud9 Mobile App = iPad Cloud Computing

iPad Cloud Computing just got better with the release of C9 Mobile!

C9 Mobile debuted at the Sleeter Solutions 13 Conference in Las Vegas earlier this week. C9 Mobile provides iPad and iPad Mini users with access to the full desktop version of their applications while on the go.  With over 500 applications hosted and/or integrated the combinations are endless for users. iPad Cloud Computing has arrived!

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Competitive Cloud Computing Advantages
– New IBM Study Shows The Benefit of Moving Now

competitive cloud computing now proven by IBM

Click for full size

Companies using cloud computing in a major way are outclassing their less technically-adroit competitors, with those utilizing competitive cloud computing advantages increasing their revenues at almost twice the rate compared to those that are not, says a new report from IBM.

In a study of more than 800 CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and professionals in financial and human resource management located in 20 countries, both enterprise organizations and small businesses, IBM classified its respondents into 3 main categories – pacesetters, challengers, and chasers.

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Webinar Wed Oct 30th
– Virtual Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Virtual Office and virtual Cloud solutions are the future of businessGet up to speed fast on Cloud9′s innovative and award-winning Virtual Office and Virtual Cloud Solutions for Your Business.

Is your in-house server a dinosaur?  Have you pushed it to the edge of its life?  Has it reached the phase where it’s time to do something about it?  You’re not alone. Ditch that old server!

Countless other business are in the same place you are. Join Cloud9 Real Time and let us show you why a fully managed Virtual Server will make the best holiday gift for your business.  Your company deserves increased efficiency, fewer IT headaches, dramatic cost savings, enhanced security and greater mobility.  

Register: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
………………11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Don’t bother replacing the old server, move to the cloud.  It’s easier than you think with Cloud9 Virtual Cloud Solutions.  Virtual Cloud Solutions offer enterprise-class cloud computing services powered by a nationally recognized state-of-the-art data center. 

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