K2 Enterprises Names Cloud9 Real Time AGAIN -
‘Top Cloud Hosting Provider’ for Accounting Industry!


K2 enterprises 2014 technology award to cloud9 real time

k2 enterprises technology awardsK2 Enterprises Announced its 2014 Quality
Technology Awards, and the winner is …

Cloud9 Real Time has been recognized AGAIN as the 2014
Top Accounting Cloud Hosting provider by K2 Enterprises.

The K2 Quality Tech Awards acknowledge accounting technology companies that exemplify quality in technology solutions for the accounting profession. K2 has been providing its Quality Awards for eleven years.  “My sincere congratulations go out to all our winners!” said Val Steed, CEO K2 Enterprises.

k2 enterprises awardee robert j chandler

Robert J. Chandler

Cloud9 Real Time CEO and President Robert J. Chandler, honored by the recognition, said “K2 has been a forward thinking organization for years. It’s a great privilege for Cloud9 to be recognized in this year’s Technology Awards and I thank Val and the entire K2 team for their efforts in educating about accounting technology as well as setting high standards for the providers.”

Chandler himself is an educator and advocate for Cloud technologies in the accounting profession. His book ‘Together in the Cloud’ is a veritable primer and reference for practice managers and business owners seeking to implement virtual office solutions.

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Cloud Computing Trends of 2014 and Beyond

cloud computing trends for 2014 and beyondTwo things make us excited about cloud computing trends of 2014

The first is associated with our expectations about the expanse of positive cloud computing developments. The second has to do with our willingness to embrace new promising technologies.

rightscale cloud computing trends report

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The RightScale 2014 Survey, “Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud” has drawn our attention to the following SMB stats:

  • 94% use the Cloud
  • 18% are Cloud Enthusiasts
  • 31% are Cloud Explorers
  • 35% are just getting to know the Cloud
  • 16% have 2nd thoughts on the Cloud
  • 90% have experienced notable changes with the Cloud

Seven Magnificent Cloud Computing Trends responsible for our optimism:

Cloud Computing Trends #1: Cloud The Innovator – The gathering point for new exciting technologies such as Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Mobile among others. It is more than likely that innovative entrepreneurs will use the cloud for launching new ideas and concepts.

Cloud Computing Trends #2: Cloud The Hybrid Opportunity – The number one corporate choice for improving data security and decreasing the costs. According to Gartner more than 50% of large corporations will embrace the Hybrid Cloud by 2017.

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Ensuring SMB Growth With Cloud Computing

how the prospect for smb growth is enhanced by cloud computingSmall and medium business owners are aware that the best possible course of ensuring survival in the market is through constant growth and development. Cloud-computing services can easily provide the ideal environment for rapid SMB growth.

Why? There are two main reasons: On one side, cloud computing allows SMB owners to avoid increased costs, which are often associated with business growth. On the other side of it, cloud computing can help SMBs to stand apart from competitors.

According to the findings of INC it has become obvious that quick responsiveness and adaptation are key factors for SMB growth. SMB owners who have embraced the cloud technologies without hesitation report a 13% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Those SMBs who haven’t applied cloud computing can only expect 3% CAGR.

What’s the catch with the 10% difference that SMB Growth can’t ignore?

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BYOD Policy – New Report Says Think Twice!

BYOD POLICY is critical for corporate data security
BYOD Policy (Bring Your Own Device) is one of the critically important
points in ensuring fully adequate and compliant corporate data security

The statistics bring sobering news. Almost one in two company’s mobile devices gets stolen. For the ITC Infotech this is more than enough to conclude that ignoring solid BYOD Policy means leaving an open door to potential security data breaches in the future.

According to the most recent Samsung research, in the UK alone 47% of the interviewed companies reported that a work handset has been lost or stolen during the last year. As a direct consequence, we see 38% of companies are determined to adopt solid BYOD Policy by 2016.

 “Laptops, mobiles and tablets can cost many hundreds of pounds per year for each employee, so BYOD has become very attractive. However, far from enjoying flexibility and lower costs, companies that rush into BYOD without a strong policy face considerable risks,” comments Hardeep Singh Garewal of  ITC Infotech.

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