K2 Enterprises Names Cloud9 Real Time AGAIN -
‘Top Cloud Hosting Provider’ for Accounting Industry!


K2 enterprises 2014 technology award to cloud9 real time

k2 enterprises technology awardsK2 Enterprises Announced its 2014 Quality
Technology Awards, and the winner is …

Cloud9 has been recognized AGAIN as the 2014
Top Accounting Cloud provider by K2 Enterprises.

The K2 Quality Tech Awards acknowledge accounting technology companies that exemplify quality in technology solutions for the accounting profession. K2 has been providing its Quality Awards for eleven years.  “My sincere congratulations go out to all our winners!” said Val Steed, CEO K2 Enterprises.

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2014 Sage Small Business Accountants Index Released

Accounting software giant Sage has news for SMB owners:
  –  Their small business accountants are way behind the times.

sage small business accountants survey

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A new Sage survey of small business accountants in America found that only ten percent of respondents adequately leverage the cloud and online services for real-time client collaboration. In other words, in an age of real-time business processes, most small business accountants bring production to a halt with in-person meetings, and needless stacks paper.

“Ten percent is a very low number, and it is concerning,” Jennifer Warawa, vice president and general manager of Sage Accountant Solutions, told Small Business Computing. “The rate of adoption is not where we need it to be. Businesses are moving faster than their accountants.”

Small Business Accountants: Mind the Cloud Gap

As Warawa noted, independent stores, cafes and professional services providers are stampeding to the cloud for cost-effective utilization of enterprise-level business competencies.

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CPA Value Pricing and The Radical CPA

value-priceCPA Value pricing is where the accounting profession is moving…

That is, billing based on the value of the service and not the hours (and minutes) that went into performing a task. Like many firms, I adhered to an hourly billing model for years. It was the way of the profession. But times have changed. With advanced cloud solutions that make easy, efficient work of accounting, the hourly model is no longer sufficient.

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cpa value pricing explained by jody padar

Jody Padar  
A Radical CPA

Adoption of the right technologies enables practitioners to create highly efficient systems that save significant time and open the door to substantial profit gains. So why place a limit on growth by assigning a set amount of billable hours? The time has come for CPA value pricing.

Here’s a good example. I really started to appreciate the value pricing model after I began using the Intuit Online Payroll product (formerly PayCycle). The system took the pain out of a traditionally complex and time-consuming process. Processing payroll is now intuitive and fast; I can even collaborate in real-time with clients to further accelerate the process. Soon after product implementation, I was processing 20+ payroll clients in just a few hours—and ready to take on more. Hourly billing could no longer support my firm’s growth, and certainly wouldn’t yield the level of revenue possible with CPA value pricing.

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Cloud Migration Assistance – No Pain, All Gain

cloud migration assistance is always provided by Cloud9 Real TimeWhile cloud technologies offer many valuable business related benefits,
 – full-scale cloud transition is not as easy as it may seem at first glance

Taking your first cloud migration steps can be a challenging proposition, especially for cloud newbies. Everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to cloud technology; more precisely cloud migration assistance.

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Cloud migration is something your business can do itself, one way or another, with greater or lessor effort and required time. However, if you want to migrate to cloud for your business successfully, then cloud migration assistance should be your number one option. It’s not surprising that almost one in two business owners look for outside help and guidance during the cloud migration and transition process. There may be too many new, unfamiliar aspects for your IT staff and infrastructure to handle successfully while introducing the cloud into your business and IT process initially.

Cloud migration assistance can easily be the cheapest and most efficient way to go through this critical period smoothly and with no pain at all.

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