How Big Is Your Transactional Tax Footprint?

6 Questions To Assess If Your

Sales Activities Are A Compliance Risk


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At some point, you’ve probably pinpointed your company’s position on a 2×2 matrix to determine its strengths or weaknesses or its position relative to competitors. But have you ever rated your business on sales tax compliance?

Many companies get into trouble with state and local tax because they don’t know where they owe. Often, the business is growing in some way, either physically in terms of new locations or by expanding its product or service offerings, bringing on more field staff or selling through new channels such as online, at tradeshows or through affiliate programs. All of these are important growth strategies. They also carry sales and use tax implications. The more ways you engage a buyer, the more likely you are to create nexus — an obligation to collect and remit sales tax in a state where you’re now doing business. As nexus increases, sales tax gets exponentially more complex or laborious, and it can become difficult to manage with in-house resources, albeit people or systems.

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Just as you are focused on bringing as much revenue as you can into your business, the states are doing the same thing. Indirect taxes makes up a large portion of the states’ coffers and they’re becoming more diligent about getting what’s coming to them. Miscalculations and failing to register or remit returns aren’t something they take lightly. Warnings are for traffic cops, not state auditors. Be found out of compliance and you’ll likely be looking at steep fines and penalties on top of any uncollected taxes.

To better understand where you may have sales tax complexity or nexus obligations, Avalara put together a self-assessment survey. Answer just a few questions about your business and sales activities and instantly get a score that will help you determine your transactional tax footprint and risk of non-compliance.

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The self-assessment includes a guide to understanding how each of the four quadrants — and your score — impacts your business when it comes to sales tax. It’s a quick and easy way to uncover any vulnerabilities you may have that need addressing or even just provide peace of mind that you haven’t overlooked any obligations. You may also learn that you fall into a higher complexity, higher go-to-market risk area than you thought. Knowing where you fall on this spectrum can be helpful in determining if it’s time to add sales tax automation.

Bring the results to your technology provider and talk them about your concerns in managing sales tax. Ask about integrating Avalara AvaTax software into your billing system, ERP or ecommerce solution to handle these compliance functions automatically for you.


Complete the assessment

Learn more by joining us for a webinar:

Sales Tax Compliance: When Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Do-It-Best
: June 11th, 2015
: 10am PT

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Attention! Cloud9 Real Time Introduces A New Partner Program


As technology changes and improves overtime, so should businesses. Cloud9 Real Time is excited to introduce our new Partner Program. Cloud9 Real Time is the leader in Cloud server solutions for accounting firms, professional practices, and small businesses. As we launch our new partner program, our goal is to build our relationships with our current and potential partners and provide them with an optimal level of service.

Cloud9 Real Time is reinforcing our  company’s strong commitment to its partners. The new Partner Program is an opportunity for resellers to offer Enterprise Private Virtual Servers, which allows users to have access to all of their business applications in the cloud – anytime, anywhere.

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Whether you are rebranding our services as your own, or referring our services to prospect clients, we have the right program for you.

The Reseller Program offers up to 15% in margins on all services including ongoing commissions for renewal opportunities.

The Referral Program is the gateway to the Cloud industry for IT professionals who wish to offer hosted services to customers without having to deal with billing and support. The Referral Program also has a one-time commission structure based on Cloud9’s retail and pricing plans.

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This enhanced program offers:

  • Superior margins and payouts
  • Your brand powered by Cloud9
  • All-inclusive onboarding & migration
  • 5:00am-6:00pm (PST), Mon- Fri Support
  • Enablement, marketing and sales tools

Best Performance & Security:

  • 999% guaranteed uptime
  • SOC 2 + SSAE16 Data centers
  • Redundancy of all data & data center systems
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Backup & recovery procedures

Dave Riggins, Director of Business Development at Cloud9 Real Time states, “Cloud9 Real Time’s New Partner Programs are sure to be popular with VARs and IT services firms looking to provide desktop QuickBooks hosting for their clients, because our new business and renewal commissions are some of the most generous available. We look forward to helping those interested in partnering with Cloud9 Real Time to grow their business!”

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New LogoOur team of experts at Cloud9 has worked diligently in order to build the industry’s fastest and most cutting-edge Cloud servers. With Cloud9 servers, you can provision high-performance virtual servers and scale your resources up and down as needed. Have access all the power you need on your own virtual server in minutes!

The partner program is now available and covers qualified services and products as of May 1, 2015. For more information, please contact Dave Riggins via email at or telephone at +1 (888) 869-0076.

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Cloud9 Real Time Wins 2 CPA Practice Advisor 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards


We are proud to announce that Cloud9 Real Time has won the CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards again!

Previously, Cloud9 has been the proud recipient of various awards, including: The Sleeter Group Awesome Application in 2013, Inc. 5000’s America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, #56 in Top 100 IT Services Companies, #94 in Top 100 California Companies, #9 in San Diego Metro Area, and K2 Enterprises Professional Educational & Consulting Award.

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This year, CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice selected Cloud9 as the winner, explaining, “Most traditionally-installed software programs can be turned into a web-based system by having it hosted by an Application Service Provider (ASP). This lets users   continue to work in the program they are used to, while also relieving them of the headaches of IT functions and program updated and, more importantly, giving them anywhere, anytime access to the program.”

The second award, CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice announces, “Just as some firms partner with a local legal or investment practice for certain areas of client work many also use vendors that specialize in handling certain technology areas of practice functions. These providers range from ASPs to virtual servers, digital fax systems, email management and even tax form preparation. The most popular this year is Cloud9 Real Time.”

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Robert J. Chandler, President and CEO of Cloud9 Real Time expresses,

“We are overjoyed to have received the highest awards from CPA Practice Advisor 2015 Readers’ Choice.”

“Winning these awards four years running shows our dedication to creating the best possible Cloud Solutions Provider for businesses as well as maintaining a positive work environment for employees so that we, in turn can provide the highest level of service to our clients.”

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About Cloud9 Real Time

New LogoCloud9 Real Time is a cloud technology and software solutions company serving businesses across the world by providing them with cloud-hosting options. Located in San Diego, California, Cloud9 offers QuickBooks® Hosting as well as 750+ applications hosting. As technology develops and the Cloud continues to become an integral platform for business operations, Cloud9 can help businesses stay ahead of the curve. For more information about cloud services offered by Cloud9 Real Time, visit

6 Time-Saving Benefits of Smart Integration: What Happens When CRM and QuickBooks Talk


crmDid you know that integrating a CRM with QuickBooks can not only save a business valuable time but can also streamline workflow with automation, generate revenue through up-sell opportunities and improve business relationships by providing visibility into client and vendor information to all staff?

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When a CRM solution is designed to be fully integrated with QuickBooks, it provides everyone in the company visibility to the customer and vendor information they need, without giving them access to sensitive accounting data.  In fact, when a CRM system properly integrates with QuickBooks (meaning bi-directionally and at the transaction level), Sales and Management teams have up-to-date account information at their fingertips so they can immediately identify up-selling opportunities and respond to customer and vendor inquiries, and it also saves Accounting from needing to respond to these inquiries and from needing to generate and send periodic sales reports.

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When CRM and QuickBooks integrate bi-directionally, businesses can expect to save time by being able to:

  1. Respond quickly to client questions or concerns regarding order results_quickbooks_smallstatus, purchase order history, payment information, invoice balances and more.
  2. Work within the application of choice. Contact information, employee calendars, important emails, important documents, order history, payment history, and the sales pipeline will all be centralized in one database.
  3. Quickly identify up-sell opportunities with comprehensive reporting and access to the order history of each account.
  4. Assure accuracy by automating “pipeline to invoice” workflow. With a click of a button, quotes can be easily converted into sales orders and orders into invoices, ensuring no “human-error” in re-entering information and there are never any details missed.
  5. Eliminate double entry. It shouldn’t matter if information is updated in QuickBooks or the integrated CRM application; contact information, sales orders and invoices should only need to be entered once.
  6. Improve information accuracy by ensuring that contact information is always up-to-date. Integration automatically makes sure the latest changes are reflected in both systems, thus ensuring all your communications, including invoices, purchase orders and sales promotions will always be sent to the correct address.

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Every organization faces competing priorities and automating the way you do business should not be overlooked.  An integrated CRM solution will provide any company with competitive advantages and improved customer satisfaction – two things that are particularly important to grow your business.  Now is a better time than ever to consider the many ways your organization would benefit by implementing an integrated CRM solution.

About the Author:

crm sam saabSam Saab, President & Founder of Results Software
is passionate about helping businesses succeed!  Sam is a recognized pioneer in the CRM industry and office automation technologies.  In 2002, Sam developed and launched Results CRM as an integrated business solution that helps businesses centralize their data, streamline their operations and improve their business relationships.  Sam is a national speaker and published author on CRM topics including business growth strategies, office automation, virtual offices, boosting sales and gaining a competitive advantage.