QuickBooks 2015 is Here!
Webinar Friday October 3rd: What To Expect on Cloud9    

quickbooks 2015 on the cloudQuickBooks 2015 for the desktop has arrived! This newest Intuit series release includes a number of new features and improvements. Join Cloud9’s President/CEO, Robert J. Chandler as he takes an in depth look at QB 2015 in a cloud-hosted environment. Glance at some of the new features that QB 2015 has to offer, and how you can best take advantage of it. This webinar will be followed by a brief Q&A.

Register for Webinar Friday 10/3 @ 11AM-12PM PDT
– QuickBooks 2015 is Here!  What To Expect on Cloud9    

QuickBooks 2015 changes -

  • Income Tracker has been improved in QuickBooks 2015 to add Time & Expenses transactions to the money bar.
  • Insights is a new QuickBooks 2015 dashboard that is added to the Home Page. This is a more up to date, cleaner and interactive feature than the older Company Snapshot
  • Pinned Notes: Now you can “pin” a note for a customer or vendor so that it always shows in the Center for that list, as well as being the default note included in reports.

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Cloud Summit 2014 – It’s A Wrap!
Download This Year’s Presentations Here


Thank you to everyone who participated and attended Cloud Summit 2014. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the conference, and would personally like to thank you for being in attendance and making this a successful show. We have already started planning Cloud Summit 2015 based on the feedback received and are looking forward to seeing everyone next year for a bigger and better conference.

To hold you over here is a download link to the presentations that were given at Cloud Summit 2014. Additionally, you can view Doug Sleeter’s presentation below.

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Featured Partner Case Study: Bill & Pay Online Solution

BILL & PAY online solution rues the day! The Bill & Pay online solution provides its clients the ability to automatically send invoices to and receive payments from its customers. Invoices and history are presented to the customer via a securely branded customer portal. Payment processing includes Automated Clearing House (ACH) or credit card payments. Recurring payments and payment plans can be set up and approved by the business or customer. These options are chosen by each Bill & Pay client. The robust feature set, including QuickBooks integration, makes Bill & Pay a unique and highly marketable online payment solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Bill & Pay Online Solution Challenges

bill & pay online solution meets cloud9's needs demo videoFor several years Cloud9 Real Time has been using an invoicing and payment online solution that has met most of its needs. But as the company has grown its needs have shifted, requiring more sophisticated functionality:
— Enhanced & customizable reporting
— Streamlined approach to ACH payments
— Custom recurring payments w/ different payment methods
— More professional presentation to customers
— Additional Security

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Web Search Optimization For Accounting Firms – part 1

Accounting Firm SEO is more important than everSEO or Search Engine Optimization, for accounting firms and other professional practices, is a procedural strategy whereby a CPA firm expends some of its money and/or valuable time systematically adjusting its Internet-based content and related website factors with the goal of ranking higher in the ‘organic’ (or natural) search engine results served up by Google (principally) and Bing and Yahoo (secondarily).

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internet marketing accounting firm SEO for accountants CPAsOne of the immediate things we do when exploring an SEO for CPA firm relationship with an accounting or other professional services firm is perform a comprehensive assessment of their website.

We aren’t really checking how visually aesthetic their website is (that is secondary), we instead examine what their site is doing to be visible in search engines’ queries.  We look at meta tags and page titles, site structure, links and how keywords in headlines and body content play both semantic-ally and mathematically.  While some CPA firms really “get it”, most accounting websites are far behind the curve when it comes to SEO.  Continue reading