Cloud Summit 2014 – San Diego Cloud Computing Event


San Diego cloud computing event 2014

Clear your calendar for September 17-19, 2014 and join hundreds of Cloud users, accounting professionals, CPAs and business owners to maximize your Cloud investment. Co-hosted by the BMRG Advisory Group, Cloud9 Real Time, Insperity Financial Services and CloudSway, this cloud computing event will answer the questions you have (and the ones you haven’t thought of) about virtual financial and business management, preparing you for major growth and change. 

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Webinar Weds April 23rd:
– Automating Sales Tax Compliance in Hosted QuickBooks

webinar Automating Sales Tax is a breeze

“Nexus! It’s a term you may or may not be familiar with.  And, no, I’m not talking about that tablet sized mobile device that goes by the same name.  I’m talking about the tax law concept of ‘state tax nexus‘ – one that if ignored, can literally cause a company to shut down and its owners to possibly even face jail time!”
——-– Sylvia Dion CPA MBA / What Is The Sales Tax Nexus?

Cloud9 Free automating sales tax webinars

Sales and use tax compliance is almost impossible to manage well. Determining which items are taxable in which states is a challenge and relying on zip codes can get you in trouble when the auditor comes knocking.

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Determining & Automating Sales Tax For Your Small Business
– within QuickBooks Cloud-Hosted on Cloud9 Real Time
Weds April 23, 2014 @  9- 10am Pacific Time

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New Accounting Technology Report
– What Do SMBs Really Want From Their CPAs?

New Accounting Technology Report What Do SMBs Want

A new accounting technology report, What SMBs Want (from Their CPA), was compiled by The Sleeter Group in its ongoing endeavor to provide guidance in technology leadership for financial practices and SMBs in general.

“Small business owners are challenged with continually changing competition and are seeking ways to get ahead and stay ahead, and they expect their accounting professional to help them meet rise to the challenge.” – What SMBs Want (free download)

download accounting technology report

Sleeter Group isolated the key trends occurring in what SMBs seek from their outsource accounting professionals. Often, there’s a chasm between what businesses seek from their accountant and what they believe their CPA actually provides, particularly in the area of business and accounting technology advice.

The questions for Sleeter’s new accounting technology report research were focused on grasping how professional practices presently work with their clients versus how SMBs wish to work with their accountant. It covers the varieties of services provided by accounting firms and the types of services SMBs actually desire.

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Office Tools Professional & Cloud9 Announce Partnership!

office tools professional cloud9 partnershipOffice Tools Professional, provider of Practice Management software, Practice Management Conferences, and publisher of My Office Today magazine, has just announced their partnership with Cloud9 Real Time, the award winning cloud hosting company of Accounting and Tax firms.

Office Tools Professional, a premier provider of professional practice management software solutions, recently announced a partnership with Cloud9 Real Time, the top-awarded Cloud Hosting provider for over 500 applications, which includes Office Tools Professional products.  In addition to application hosting, Cloud9 is a licensed Commercial Host of Intuit, providing QuickBooks hosting, in a collaborative environment for Accountants and their clients to share QuickBooks company files. Mutual customers will see immediate benefits as both companies have agreed to share technical knowledge. This partnership will also allow prospective marketing services to new and existing clients for each company. 

- See also: Cloud Based Office Tools Professional Hosting

“Office Tools Professional is always striving to provide greater value to its clients through strategic partnerships with accounting industry companies.  Cloud9 Real Time has its roots in our industry, which will increase the synergy and adaptability between our companies,” explains Michael Giardina, CEO of Office Tools Professional.   “When partners put their heads together great things are possible and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

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