Cloud Summit, Not Just For Accountants Anymore -
Small Business & Entrepreneur Record Turnout Expected


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Cloud is revolutionizing small business and lowering IT costs while upgrading the
software and technology that are rapidly becoming available to small companies …

benefits of cloud summit for small biz are evident…which, until recently, was reserved for the bigger players. The cloud has changed the way individuals and organizations of all sizes leverage technology.

Here Comes Cloud Summit 2014!

The 5th Annual Summit is an exclusive cloud conference for service practices, business owners, entrepreneurs, accounting and legal pros, and existing cloud users, to learn of the latest in cloud business solutions.
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Small Business Cloud Migration:
– You Should Really Look Before You Leap

small business cloud migration key considerationsEmerging cloud based technologies and services uniquely designed to
help small businesses prosper are appearing at an unprecedented rate

cloud summit explains small business cloud migrationLast year the Wall Street Journal reported that there were 30 million (approx) small businesses in North America. Clearly, SMBs are the foundation of our economy, and we’ve seen emerging cloud based technologies and services uniquely designed to help them prosper at an unprecedented rate and accelerating.

In 2013, Louis Columbus authored a piece in Forbes exploring forecasts and predictions for SMB cloud computing. According to Columbus, small business cloud adoption will hit 35% by 2015.

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Small business cloud migration advantages

Small business cloud migration ushers a host of advantages: lowered costs, more exhaustive support of IT resources and organizational agility to name a few. But even if you are already “cloud sold,” how does a small business owner determine which cloud provider to trust with your critical small business cloud migration?

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Happy SysAdmin Day to our Great Cloud9 Tech Team!

sysadmin day is big at cloud9It’s the 25th of July, which means it’s Systems Administrators Appreciation Day once more. SysAdmin Day is a special day each year where SysAdmins around the planet say to each other “Wow, we can hardly believe that we all made IT yet another year”, and everyone else forgets that this has been a thing for 14 years.

sysadmin day at cloud9, cheers mates!In spite of the inevitable apathy of SysAdmins’ coworkers and employers, IT vendors large and small have embraced this internet holiday soiree with glee.

The modern tradition of SysAdmins Day was created by Ted Kekatos and first celebrated on 28 July, 2000. It is celebrated on the last Friday in July and is supposed to include demonstrations of appreciation for the systems administrators who are critical to keeping the digital infrastructure supporting our entire society up and running.

Happy Day, TJ, Gerald, Brent, Dakota, Kent and all our great Cloud9 tech admin and support team, this one’s for YOU!  (Our attempts to get Hallmark Cards to recognize SysAdmin Day as a Hallmark Holiday have yet to be realized)

Survey: The Managed Cloud Providers Solution –
Oddly, In-House Server Pros Know Little About ‘IT’

According to a new poll from Spiceworks, a lion share
of IT professionals overlook managed cloud providers 

smb managed cloud providers are little known by in-house IT pros

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The new survey indicates that the majority of in-house IT professionals still know little about this newer approach to managed hosted services like data storage. The survey indicated that nearly 80% of IT pros administer their infrastructure with an on-premise solution – this includes private cloud solutions and data centers. Of that, nearly 60% indicated that they were only “somewhat familiar” with managed cloud providers.

Presently, there are a myriad of ways to establish an optimal IT environ. In reality, what is optimal for one business may not be so for another. So while some businesses elect to remain loyal to in-house servers and IT infrastructure, others leap into cloud computing.  Both broad solution paths are increasingly complex and deploying each is not without its challenges. Interestingly, many of the hurdles mentioned by those with an in-house solution could be resolved by partnering with the right managed cloud services provider.

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