Cloud Summit, Not Just For Accountants Anymore -
Small Business & Entrepreneur Record Turnout Expected


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Cloud is revolutionizing small business and lowering IT costs while upgrading the
software and technology that are rapidly becoming available to small companies …

benefits of cloud summit for small biz are evident…which, until recently, was reserved for the bigger players. The cloud has changed the way individuals and organizations of all sizes leverage technology.

Here Comes Cloud Summit 2014!

The 5th Annual Summit is an exclusive cloud conference for service practices, business owners, entrepreneurs, accounting and legal pros, and existing cloud users, to learn of the latest in cloud business solutions.
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Cloud Migration or Pizza, the Devil’s Always in the Details

smart cloud migration is like pizza deliveryFour years ago SMBs really started becoming enamored with the breakthroughs that cloud migration promised. First mover SMBs had accepted the marketing message (and hype)—and began transferring over email, data, and entire office server functions to realize the obvious advantages.

Fast-forward 24 months and you could hear rumblings of a different sort, about some cloud providers—primarily because the service itself, its delivery, and what defines a comprehensive IT environment were misunderstood by both vendor and client alike. Cloud migration, as it turns out, does not always end well when combined with a remote vendor agreement.

Cloud Migration, Like Pizza Delivery?

For fun we’ve simplified the full gestalt of cloud migration, likening it to pizza.

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The New Cloud IT Ecosystem:
Hidden Complexity and Risk Assuaged by Due Diligence

Cloud IT risk has unique characteristics owing to the increased interconnectivityThe new cloud IT ecosystem has brought us heretofore unimagined capability and capacity for even the smallest of companies – newfound abilities to compete, build brand recognition and reach new market penetration. There are also new risks that must be circumnavigated …

The old mantra for businesses, “location, location, location”, has given way to connectivity– which now translates to new opportunity.  As technology rapidly evolves, businesses and consumers increasingly connect irrespective of place and summit explains cloud IT risks of a paperless office

The New Cloud IT Ecosystem

Where businesses once easily identified their respective vendors and service providers, the identification of providers within the new service ‘delivery chain’ are no longer so easily recognized.   Among the benefits of the new cloud IT ecosystem is the ability to reach beyond historical boundaries.

Thus the risk for many businesses today lay in not fully understanding with whom, and in how,  the traditional technological borders are being dissolved.

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Cloud Based Storage: New Intuit Infographic Says It All

Cloud-Storage 2Where’s the safest place to store your crucial business files and data?
Not on your local hardware, which can fail, or in physical file cabinets.

Nowadays, to insure you’ll keep them secure forever, you move them to cloud based storage. Here’s a new infographic from Intuit® Tax Online that demonstrates why cloud based storage is safe, secure and accessible from anywhere at anytime

cloud summit explains cloud based storage optionsCloud based storage can
eliminate Russian Roulette

Many SMBs often play Russian roulette with their data and files, choosing the most basic storage and archiving procedures. Or even non-existent.

Cloud based storage services are actually far safer than those fearful suggest, if maintained properly. In truth, cloud storage services are helping many SMBs establish rock-solid business continuity plans for the very first time ever. In most cases, these solutions are far more cost-effective and secure than traditional on-site solutions.

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